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    Question Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 vs Fnatic Streak vs Asus ROG Claymore

    Hi! Which is the best keyboard from my list? What do you think? Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Asus ROG Claymore Fnatic Streak Please justify it. Thank you
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    Audio small pops or cracks

    Please read all before answering. So I have recently been noticing some audio pops, cracks, or whatever it may be called. Essentially when I am watching a video (on any platform, firefox, chrome, videoplayer, etc.) I get little audio cracks. I feel like I haven't heard them when playing video...
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    instal 8.1 on asus transformer

    this is probably on here but I can't find it.... I have an asus t100taf transformer.... it runs win8.1 on the tablet.. has 32gb sdd and 128gb sd card in the tablet PLUS 500gb hdd in the dock the tablet runs fine, with or without dock BUT there is no way to install and run "proper" programs...