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corsair ll 120 fans

Forum discussion tagged with corsair ll 120 fans.
  1. T

    [SOLVED] Fan control - NZXT Cam

    Hello, Case NZXT H710i I have just built my first PC, and for the most part, I am an idiot, as the name suggests. When the case arrived the 4 NZXT fans were pre installed. 3 in the front and one rear exhaust. I believe: The 3 fans at the front were already connected to the came. Each connection...
  2. X

    Question Will the Corsair LL120 Node PRO work with my motherboard

    Hello, I have been looking into getting rgb fans for my Custom pc. I was wondering if the Corsair LL120 RGB Black Triple Fan Kit with Lighting Node PRO would be compatible with my Motherboard, MSi H310m Gaming Plus Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Can't get power to new fans

    Hello. I've just acquired a new set of fans consisting of three Corsair LL120 RGB. I've connected them all to the hub and installed the lightning node Pro. I booted up my pc, but with no movement in the fans. I found out I forgot to connect them to power via the 4 pin connectors, which is where...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Bought new Corsair LL120's, LEDs turn on, fans wont spin.

    I recently built a new computer, which has given me a fair share of issues just to get running(DOA mobo). I finally have my computer and running, but my fans don't seem to want to work unless plugged into Cha_fan 2, which when it is the fan will only work at full blast. How can I fix this issue...