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  1. M

    Question NZXT Kraken z63, LL120 Fans

    Can the Kraken z63 be used with Corsair LL120mm fans instead of the stock non-RGB fans? Would they fit into the radiator properly? Which fan screws would I use?
  2. C

    Question Cooler master 212 + corsair ll120 fanrgb

    Hi, I have a cooler master 212 hyper evo, I was wondering if I replace the stock fan with a corsair ll120 fan. The reason is I want to match my case fans and it also makes a lot of noise. I'm new to PC building, hence the silly question :)
  3. R

    Question Corsair LL120 Fan doesn't light up

    Hi, I have 4 Corsair LL120 fans 2 in the front that came with the case and 2 on my CPU cooler. The past 2 weeks, the front LL120 Fan LED's don't light up unless I go into the ICue Software? Parts are less than a year old. I've tried updating etc but still no luck. Thanks
  4. M

    Question Can a Commander Pro power and control RGB?

    Hi, I am about to build another PC and Im going to get some ll120s. I was wondering if the Corsair Commander Pro can both power and control rgb and fan speeds for 6 individual ll120s ? Thanks!
  5. A

    Question Installing 6 Corsair LL120 Dual Loop RGB Fans

    Is Commander Pro required for 6 LL120 Dual Loop Fans(3 for radiator, 3 for chassis)? or Lightening Node Pro and RGB Fan Hub would be enough? Also how do I connect these 6 fans to power because all of them are PWM
  6. Ultimate_Rishi

    Question Powering and controlling rgb fans with a lighting node core???

    So, me and my friend are confused about how the lighting node core works. The Asus Prime z390-a MB doesn't have 5 fan headers when we wanted a full RGB setup. We were just wondering whether the node core provides both the power to all the fans and if it is able to control the RGB on all the...
  7. Seltop

    [SOLVED] LL120s RGB wont work :(

    Well, My 5 out of 5 Corsair LL120s are not responding to any rgb commands but to RPM or thers they do 3 of them Corsair iCue wont even connect to PLEASE HELP! - Thats how it looks like (<-- that a URL to a photo the I took
  8. Bleeka

    Question What Should My Case Fans Monitor?

    Hello, I've built one PC prior to my current but never really fine tuned it at all. How it was out of box was how I left it. This being my second more refined build I want to fine tune it as perfect as possible. The last piece to my puzzle however is CASE FANS :mad: ....................... I am...