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  1. ZuRriX

    [SOLVED] Corsair PSU Warranty (MediaMarkt)

    Once again I have a question about a PSU's warranty. I am going to buy the RM850x from and I saw that they offer a 2 year warranty. Now, since Corsair offers a 10 year warranty on their RMX series, do I need to do anything like register the PSU on their website uding its serial...
  2. ZuRriX

    Question Buying PC hardware from (A German Online Tech Store)

    So, I have been looking at buying a Cordair RM850x 2018. White edition PSU. I'm from Serbia, actually, but I have someone family who live in Germany so I plan on having it delivered to them, so they will bring it to me when they come. Before you get all smart, the problem of buying it here is...