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  1. mkaafy

    [SOLVED] What would you do with a pair of 2400 MHz RAM?

    So, to keep it short, I have a pair of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 MHz 16 gigabytes (32 gigabytes in total) memories in a Kabylake build that I have been using. What's the best thing to do? Would you reuse it in a new Ryzen build? Or sell it, probably? Or just leave it in this build and buy a...
  2. SSJ1NOT

    Question Help!

    Many posts on forums says that the noctua nh-d15 Will fit with low profile ram as corsair Vengeance lpx (31mm they say). I bought the ram and cooler, but i still get a little preasure, when i try to close my case. I have phanteks Phanteks Eclipse P400A RGB Black. Can someone tell me what i am...
  3. M

    Question Ram Error.

    Hy guys! (sorry my bad english) I bought a new PC and the memory doesn't work. Games and applications are crashing and some times get blue screen (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT). I downloaded the Adia64 and it 'said' the memory is the bad component, but the MemTest didn't found nothing error. In BIOS I use...
  4. O

    Micro stutters and sound stretching in CSGO

    Hello I have been playing csgo for some time now and I have had minor problems that I can fix relatively easily. I made an alt account to play on and to see what rank I can get it to and I started to get these frame drops and distorted sound. This only starts happening only after I have played...