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    [SOLVED] Deepcool DE-500 or Corsair VS450

    Hi, It’s my first time building a pc so I don’t know what to choose between Deepcool DE-500 or Corsair VS450. I am planning to get Cpu: Intel core i5-9400 Gpu: MSI gtx 1050ti 4gb DDR5 Mobo: ASROCK FATAL1TY B360 GAMING K4 Memory: Adata 8GB Single SoDimm DDR4 2666MHz Storage: Western Digital WD...
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    case fan on motherboard

    ok well my mother bought a compaq mini tower, i have cleaned it out and reapplied heat sink compound . i noticed it did not have a case fan , so i put one in and hooked it up to the motherboard . but it will not come on , so i just hooked it up with the power connector . my question is it normal...