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  1. E

    [SOLVED] Deepcool DE-500 or Corsair VS450

    Hi, It’s my first time building a pc so I don’t know what to choose between Deepcool DE-500 or Corsair VS450. I am planning to get Cpu: Intel core i5-9400 Gpu: MSI gtx 1050ti 4gb DDR5 Mobo: ASROCK FATAL1TY B360 GAMING K4 Memory: Adata 8GB Single SoDimm DDR4 2666MHz Storage: Western Digital WD...
  2. C

    Question PC Reboots During Heavy GPU Usage. Is the PSU the culprit?

    Hello. I recently got myself a GTX 1060 3GB. I found that when I did anything that was rather taxing on the GPU, my computer screen would just go black then the PC would reboot. No BSODs or anything. Just as if I had pressed the reset button. I have checked anything that may be wrong with the...
  3. onur2161

    Question GTX 1660 enough watts??

    hi guys i have a pc i5 4670 gtx 960 (2gb) 16gb ram corsair vs450 psu i want to upgrade to a GTX 1660 but do i need to buy an other psu or is this psu enough for that gpu
  4. J

    Question Will RX580 Nitro+ 8gb work with Corsair VS450 psu?

    I got a good deal on an RX580 and I'm wondering if my VS450 is capable of powering it atleast for a short period of time(until I save up enough for a better PSU). These are my full system specs: CPU- Ryzen 3 2200g(stock cooler) RAM- 1x8gb 2400mhz STORAGE- 2x2TB HDD Cooling- 6x120mm LED Fans...
  5. bailojustin

    3D Scanner DIY

    Hello members of Toms. I was hoping someone could help me out a little bit with this problem that I am trying to fix. So I need a 3d Scanner, I can't afford to purchase one for 1.5k. I have multiple printers, and in order to print the parts I really need I have to be able to make 3d scans of...
  6. Noopples

    Windows 10 1511 Fresh Install no internet connection have tried everything

    So I torrented the new release of Windows 10 and installed it on my laptop and desktop My laptop installed it fine and Windows connects to my internet just fine my desktop on the otherhand has had a kerfuffle in connecting internet works fine on all other devices, and I can confirm that my...
  7. P

    Can't Initialize, Format, or Give Drive Letter to HDD

    Issues with my HDD. Went back from Windows 10 technical to 8.1 today on my SSD. Now, Windows 8.1 won't recognize my 1TB internal HDD under This PC. It registers in BIOS and Disk Manager. When right-clicking on the drive in Disk Manager, my options are greyed out except for 'Help' and...
  8. M

    Should i upgrade 660ti SLI to 770?

    I have the option to trade my two palit 660ti's for a 770. I plan on purchasing nvidia 3d vision in a couple days since my monitor supports it. Should trade for the 770 or keep my sli config? my 660ti