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  1. rabaker07

    Question Search Index - Which Folders to Exclude

    Anyone have suggestions on which folders to exclude from Windows Search? My computer is still huffing and puffing through my multitude of hard drives and SSDs and I figure there are probably a ton of system files that I'd rather never hear from again. I recently upgraded to the latest Windows 10...
  2. R

    Question Four calamities at once: Menu, Cortana, Office and Edge won't work.

    I have had four annoying things happen to my Windows 10 computer all at the same time and I cannot get them corrected: The Cortana search box at the bottom left of the screen no longer works. The FIRST time I try to use the start menu is opens but it grayed out and unusable. I click on the...
  3. N

    does the Asus Strix GTX 960 2gb will work on my PC?

    I want to upgrade my graphics card and I don't know if my computer can handle it... Thanks for any help Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 750 2.67GHz RAM: 8gb (4x2) Motherboard: Intel Corporation DP55WB (LGA 1156) Graphics Card: EVGA GTX 750 ti 2gb Power Supply (PSU): 400w with 6 pin connector. Image...
  4. N

    How do you tell if a speaker puts out 5.1 sounds?

    I need an intermediary device because apparently the TV I got my daughter doesn't do 5.1 sounds. Netflix won't work. So instead of the frilly bullsh** of "surround sound", can someone please tell me if there is any numbers on the back of a speaker to tell if it is 2.1 or 5.1? I'm just a...
  5. J

    ASRock > G31M-GS Motherboard

    Hello everyone so I have this motherboard ( ASRock > G31M-GS ) and now I have 4gb of ram ddr2 with 2 slots. And I wanna upgrade to 8gb of ram but I can't find 4gb ddr2 for intel, are they lying about that you can get max 8gb ?
  6. W

    1440p or 1080p with dual gtx 770

    hi so I'm pretty new to pc gaming, been using an old tv monitor for a while and its time for a gaming monitor. I am running dual gtx 770s , my question is go 1440p or stick with 1080p, i have 2 monitors in mind, both are g sync and 144hz, one is ips and the 1080p is tn panel. the 1440p i can...
  7. D

    Psu for graphics,mining rig

    Im planing to build a mining rig woth 3 gpus and i could use some advice for the psu,the mining rig will have: I3 2120 GA-h61m-s1 motherboard 8 gb ram 3 gpu zotac gtx 1060 amp 3gb Psu:??(thinking about 650w or 750w evga supernova) And some none powerd risers Ssd 60gb
  8. Q

    K70 or k95 platinum?

    Hi, I currently have an Alienware Tactx Keyboard which I have had for 5 years. I am thinking of upgrading it to a proper Mechanical keyboard. I have seen a Corsair K95 Platinum on Sphock for £120. Seller is genuine with 100% rating has said he only has used it few times but it is boxed with...
  9. kris_hm

    What kind of CPU should i buy?

    Im posting in the CPU category because that is where my computer seems to be lacking. I have a nice and fast computer already, it does most tasks easily. My current computer is as follows: HP Pavilion-P7-1421 AMD A8-5500 3.2Ghz Quad core 16GB DDR3 @ 1866Mhz GTX 750Ti 2GB GDDR5 Two 4TB...
  10. L

    Will this RAM fit my motherboard?

    Good day. I never had the intention of asking the following question here, however, recently I bought some RAM which was supposed to fit my motherboard but it wasn't even close to fitting. So, before I buy a replacement for it, I want to know that I am buying the right one. I own an MSI...
  11. side_ioga

    Which one is Good PSU Seasonic M12II-620 Bronze or Superflower Platinum King 650 Or EVGA 550 Gold

    Hellow Good Fellas, I want to ask something very spessific. THis is about PSU. Which one is good? Seasonic M12II-620 Bronze or Superflower Platinum King 650 Or EVGA 650 Gold ? The Price is Equals. Considering the Build Quality and Components. So? Do you have any Idea? I wanna replace My 5...
  12. C

    how to connect subwoofer to reciever with pre out main in

    want to connect my subwoofer but only have pre out main in connection
  13. A

    Display showing white bar across the screen

    Hi all, So I just bought a new PC with these specs: My specs are: intel i5 7600k Asus strix h270f Samsung ssd 260 gb Evg power supply 750 gold tier Nzxt kraken cpu cooler x42 Asus geforce 1060 3gb oc The problem that just occured is that I was in a game of overwatch, left to go bathroom game...
  14. E

    hd enclosure with old harddrive not detected

    Hi all, I have a hard drive I removed from my old laptop, placed it in an external enclosure (Sabrient 2.5 SATA to USB), and plugged it into my new desktop computer so i can recover the files in that hard drive. The problem is, the drive is NOT showing up in windows explorer. It is listed...
  15. T

    Has AMD threw a spanner in the worx

    Hi just as ive picked my perfect part list, everyone of my friends is now saying i should get the Ryzen 5, Ive had a look but dont know what one i would get and if my parts would need changing The computer is mainly being used for Photoshop, Coding, Programming, Basic Video Editing(Maybe Never...
  16. T

    brought a new wd elements portable hard drive

    i brought a wd elements 1Tb portable hard drive for my son's movies, he had one before that played through his blu-ray player, but the new one does not show up on the blu-ray, can some one help me with advise, as the 16gb usb is to small for the amount of movies he has. Thank you for the help...
  17. K

    CoD WaW Installing Problem

    :p Hi, i have a problem with installing CODWAW, if i click Autorun or Setup , same thing thing happens(Diagonstic message- access is denied bla bla) any idea? Much appriciated :)
  18. F

    Possible to upgrade? what CPU/Motherboard/RAM to get?!

    Hey there guys/gals i'm deciding on getting a new CPU/motherboard and maybe ram, I would like to hear both opinions for AMD or Intel if you have one please?! My gpu is bottleneck but its hard to past up the price 135- 150$ My bf knows someone who is willing to sell one for that much. I wanted to...
  19. G

    OCZ's TL100 DRAM-less SSD Starts At $45

    Two years ago, we started writing about DRAMless SSDs designed to reduce the cost of flash-based storage further. OEM products arrived earlier in the year, and today they arrive for retail consumption. The big attraction is the stocking-stuffer pricing. OCZ's TL100 DRAM-less SSD Starts At $45...
  20. ItZzSora

    Sound Issue With Headset (Win10)

    Currently when I have sound coming through the headset, it is also played on my microphone. I don't have the Realtek drivers (It says I have "MDI Synthesizer") and I don't know how I can fix this or why it's even happening. My headset is plugged in via 3.5mm jack for both headphones and...