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  1. J

    Question CSGO lagging while everything seems fine! 2020

    Hello everybody, I have been playing this game on my new pc for like a good 1 year and i haven't had any issues, but lately it has started lagging. My FPS is 300 ping is around 20-30 ms. The lag comes when i play online, if i play with bots everything is fine. I have done a lot of things. i have...
  2. marco6661

    Question My internet crashed when i search ingame servers in CSGO after i changed my wifi adapter

    so recently i changed my wifi usb adapter to a PCI wifi adapter, i can browse the internet and download stuff on steam faster now but when i tried to play csgo and search matchmaking suddenly my internet crashed and my downloads also stopped on my pc, but when i'm back on the desktop again the...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Wifi ping issue

    Hi I play CS 1.6 a lot and I've noticed that the game does not feel good to play sometimes mainly due to the latency sometimes it feels sluggish while other times the movement and firing feels really great i play on wifi and its not possible to use an ethernet for my pc also i frequently turn...
  4. I

    Question It turned off

    Hi there i live in canada I invested in 3800x 2060 super ripjaws 5 32gb 3600 with cas 19 and msi gaming edge wifi mobo it was all going good for a month but it is second time today(i ignored the first one) today when i was playing countrr strike..... its screen turned off pc was still running...
  5. V

    [SOLVED] Something Is Strange With My Laptop.

    So here is what's happening. I'm rocking ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW OS - Windows 10 Pro CPU - Intel Core i7 6700HQ 2.60GHz RAM - 16.0 GB 1064MHz Graphics - Intel HD Graphics 530 Nvidia Geforce GTX 960m 2047MB Storage - 500GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 1TB...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] Beginner PC build help...... please lol

    Hello all! So I have been trying to research and I understand the basic concepts but then it turns to Chinese when it comes to intel v amd, the graphic card .2xrs91 etc.. I’m going to leave it to the experts (you all) and could you guys just recommend some solid builds from Pc part picker to...
  7. [SOLVED] Ports closed even after portforwarding

    Hi, I'm trying to host a CS:GO server for me and my friends. I have followed steps from the internet on portforwarding, but when trying to test if the port is open ( Port 27015 is closed on ), it claims that the port is closed. Also, my friends can not join the...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] ASRock mobo not working with my ryzen 5 2600 and corsair vengeance lpx ram

    I have been trying to boot my new PC, but when i switch it on, the fans run, but I don't have a boot screen or a BIOS. I have been told my CPU might have been DOA but I'm not sure. Can anyone help with this?
  9. Question Is there a way or software to hide apps from the System Tray?

    I wanna hide the already hidden taskbar apps from the system tray? See here: View: If you suggest the page below, it doesn't work with third-party apps. I have used a Software Called Taskbar Hide but it makes minimized apps go to the system tray, which is...
  10. M

    Question gta 5 keeps shutting down

    Hi i have gta 5 and when i load up gta 5 ONLINE my pc shuts down. When i load up gta 5 story mode it sometimes crashes but most of the time not. I tested other games and it does not crash. I used steam to play gta 5 also MY pc is not over heating. Please help. I have a 500wat psu evega gt 720...
  11. C

    Question Can i replace radiator cooler?

    I want to replace the liquid cooler fan to a rgb fan but the rgb fan does not connect to the motherboard it connects to the receiver which every fan connects to for remote support would I need to connect another fan to the motherboard to cpu fan?
  12. ahmd3500

    Question Tips for first time overclocking CPU

    +So hey there. only recently I bought the AOC C24G1 monitor which is a solid 1080p 144hz VA. Basically, I used to have a 1366 x 768 60hz monitor so I didnt really care about frames that much. And right now, I'd of course like to achieve 144 solid in almost any games. Sometimes, my games...
  13. T

    Question Unusually High Memory Usage.

    I have recently bought a new Surface Laptop 2, and I seem to have a memory problem. The laptop occasionally has a high idle memory usage, around 80%. In addition, "Windows Biometric Service" has high memory usage around 16% and increases over time. My laptop has blue screen'd a few times. The...
  14. A

    Question 980ti oc low usage low fps on GTA v

    Hello ihave 980ti oc 6gb with i5 4690non k 14gb ram my problem is the GPU usage is only on 60percent with only 38 fps running GTA v could the CPU bottleneck it that much ? Or what's the problem?
  15. M

    [SOLVED] For my situation AMD Ryzen 7 2700X or Intel i7 - 9700k

    Hey guys, thanks to anyone who answers this question. Some of you are probably thinking you've seen this question a thousand times, but I wanted to hear some thoughts for my specific situation. First of all I plan on playing primarily battle royale games on my 144hz monitor and want to be able...
  16. YSDSwe

    [SOLVED] Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI Can’t find my Gpu RTX 2080TI

    Ok I built a new computer and after the installation i can’t find my GPU. It works with the integrated GPU. This is what I’ve done to get it to work. The GPU has enough power, the lights are on and the fans connected to the gpu are spinning. ive tested the GPU on both slots on my computer with...
  17. SPECOPS70

    Question format the sdd or not?

    if I wanted to uninstall one of my sdd drives from my computer and put it in my sons ryzen build....would i have to format or just delete content and move over? thx
  18. S

    Question Will GTX 1050ti get good fps (CS:GO)

    I7 8th gen 8750h 2.20GHz GTX1050ti 4GB 8GB RAM 1TB Hard drive Laptop ($1100) ASUS
  19. J

    Question Is there any way to use a lga 1366 aio on an am4 motherboard?

    I have an old lga 1366 cup cooler (aio) and a new am4 motherboard, how can I use this cooler on the motherboard?
  20. J

    Question Desktop reboot all-time

    Evening. I changed the motherboard because installing fan and I switched in a wrong pin, then smell burn and can't boot the computer ( 0 energy) I bought MSI z170 m5, with a new cpu cooler ( cooler master hyper 212) I have: 550w bronce +, i5 6500, 2ram 8gb 2400, rx 580 8gb. well I set up new...