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    Question Extending range of mobile WiFi hotspot.

    I'm assisting a friend trying to improve the coverage of the WiFi at their house emanating from a Huawei E5577c mobile wifi hotspot. The device is fixed to a wall as it is hardwired to an antennae (remote location). They have a TP-LInk router (wr841n) that I was hoping to use as an access point...
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    [SOLVED] Best option for wifi coverage in house

    My modem & router are currently in the basement of a two story house. The router feeds ethernet ports on the 1st and 2nd floors. Given this setup, what is the best option to get wifi coverage throughout the house? I would like to leverage the ethernet ports for wifi coverage which should give...
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    Hi guys. I need your help with covering my house with WiFi signal. I've tried with powerline adapters, but that had a very poor performance and i'd often loose the signal, probably due to the bad wiring issues. What i have is a 3 storey small house, and my phone line/internet/router is placed on...