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  1. S

    Question Not getting right speeds with Gigablast through Cox

    Hi, I currently have Cox cable and I recently switched to Gigablast. I am getting 105 Mbps download speed on my computer. The computer is a Lenovo Ideacentre 310S-08ASR. I bought it two weeks ago because they said my laptop can't handle the speeds I was supposed to be getting. So, I bought a new...
  2. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] Ethernet category upgrade?

    Right now I have a cat5e cable along with a factory modem and router, and my internet speeds are around 180mbit/s down and 10mbit/s upload. Would geting a cat6 or even cat7 cable improve these speeds? Would the factory modem/router be the limiting factor here? Or is it just the isp (COX, in...
  3. extreme_noob

    Question Ethernet no internet connection

    I have cable internet and an Arris TM3402A modem but whenever I try to use ethernet on it, it calls the network "Unidentified Network" and says "No Internet". What should I do to properly connect?
  4. F

    [SOLVED] What Cable Modem/Router or Modem should I get?

    Hi, I am planning on getting a brand new cable modem and a brand new router for my next ISP (Cox). I want something that will last (my SB6141 is slowly starting to "die") and something that will be worth the money. I have a straw poll with all of the options Here. I am also looking for a router...
  5. I

    help please help

    yo can someone help me, i have a gaming laptop, a lenovo legion y520, with an amd radeon rx 560, and it was running well, since most gaming laptops come with another chip, that being intel graphics, it hasnt been using the amd rx radeon. previously, ive been getting 150 fps on csgo, now like...
  6. N

    Is this PSU reliable?

    I was wondering if this PSU was reliable. It had pretty decent reviews and is really cheap.
  7. Pcstarter

    what fan should i get

    hi! so i have an corsair carbide 88r case it is an micro-atx case and it also has 6 120mm fan places one is used by liquid cooler and i was wondering since it has full zise gtx 1060 in it what fans should i get corsair high static pressure fans or hig airflow fans for those who dont know what...