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cpu advice

Forum discussion tagged with cpu advice.
  1. P

    Question can I use an i5-9400F with an MSI H310M micro atx mobo?

    im trying to do some research for my friend. he's just bought a budget pre-build and wants to upgrade his processor. ive had a quick look online and reviews suggest the i5-9400F is a decent cpu for not much money. however, on PC-partpicker it says 'Some Intel H310 chipset motherboards may need...
  2. kthomas9685

    Question Upgrading my cpu/mobo help with a couple things?

    I am planning to upgrade my cpu/mobo soon, and hopefully finally get rid of this damn audio stuttering/dpc latency problem (name a solution that's been presented online, i've probably tried it). But regardless of that this was the next upgrade I had in mind anyway, before the next GPU down the...
  3. Anubis90

    Question Aorus Master z390 help! PC won’t start

    Hey guys... I’ve been having some really odd things happen lately and I seriously don’t know what to do anymore. So about a week ago my desktop stoped working. I tried to power it on and it just kept going on an endless cycle of briefly powering off and trying to power on again. all the led...
  4. V

    Question CPU and mobo upgrade (from intel i7-3770 and Asus P8Z77-m)

    Good night everybody, so my current rig is the following: CPU: Intel core i7-3770 mobo: P8Z77-M Case: Sentey Triac PSU: 400W 80+ White (EVGA I think) RAM: 1 x 8GB Kingston 1333, 1 x 4GB Kingston 1333 Graphics: MSI Geforce GTX 1060 6GB I want to upgrade cpu and mobo and the best I could find...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Help please what should i do with computer

    Okay so i want to upgrade but i need help. Im still using my first build. Specs: 1070ti I5 8500 500gb 970 pro 2tb seagate 650w psu gold Z370 d3 mobo 32gb corsair vengance 3000mhz I just bought a 570x corsair case and i feel dumb putting the same parts in it and want to do something new i was...
  6. L

    Question Can someone help me

    I went to upgrade my cpu from an a10 9700 yo an amd ryzen 5 3600 and I didn’t know about updating bios for my motherboard at the time so I just took the a10 out and put the r5 in, all the lights came on but there was so signal as of me not doing bios updates so I took the motherboard out again...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] What is in my case better to upgrade: my CPU, GPU or monitor?

    CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 @ 3.20GHz GPU; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Monitor: PHL 243V5 (1920x1080@60Hz) PC: Medion Akoya P5370 D (https://aldi.medion.com/md8874/nl/?refPage=aldi#grafik_anker) I was thinking about buying a 144hz monitor because i game alot(fortnite)...
  8. S

    Question 7th gen prossessors (dell optiplex 990 DT)

    Is it possible to put a 7th gen cpu in a dell optiplex 990 DT because i was reading system requirements on the ue4 (unreal engine 4) (game engine) forum and it looks like I would be better off with a 7th gen rather than 2 gen i7 if not then I will just stick with cryengine.
  9. T

    Build Advice PC Upgrade Advice For Toms Cat

    Hello Tom's Hardware ! I'm making this post because I need some advice on upgrading my PC. Perhaps you kind folks could help me out ? I do apologize in advance if this is not the correct community to post this question, and kindly ask to redirect me to the correct community. A small...