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    [SOLVED] I5 8400 screen recording

    Sup! I need help: will I be able to record my screen while playing Fortnite using i5 8400? Or should i buy i7 8700 instead? If i can record 1080 60fps on i5 8400 then I save some 100€ and buy 2070 Super If I pick i7 8700 I buy 2060 Super Game is only Fortnite, please do not suggest my any Ryzen...
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    GTX 1050TI STRIX from asus

    I have an Asus 1050TI STRIX 4g and I'm trying to use GPU tweak 2 get a stable overclock. None of the guides I was able to find were using GPU tweak 2, so the interface and the numbers are always different. Can anyone help me out ?