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    Question Connecting CPU power cables to MSI MEG Z490 Ace ?

    Hello, I got the following cables from the be quiet! Straight Power 11 850W: CPU1-P4 CPU2-P8 P8 On the Motherboard i see "CPU PWR1" and "CPU PWR2" Which cables do i need and where to connect them if i want to overclock my i9-10900k ? And which if i don't want to overclock ? Best Regards
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    Need some components

    Hi, I am building PC with mother board- Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel Z170 ATX Motherboard ATX DDR4 NA Motherboard (GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming) Can you help to get some components? I am trader need 6 monitor min. for trading and good processing of data. So please give me some idea about components like...