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  1. kepmip86

    Question Air vs aio

    Hey all doing a new ryzen 5 3700x build for a friend and didn't want to be biased in deciding on a cooling option. I run a noctua dh15 on a i5 8600k oc to 4.5ghz and temps don't exceed 7 degree over ambient, max 76 on torture and average 55 while gaming so I'm big fan of noctua for performance...
  2. L

    Question Basic CPU AIO Questions.

    Hello all, I am new to AIOs and watercooling in general. I am thinking of changing my current CPU air cooler for an AIO and I have some questions. Firstly, which way should my radiator fans blow? The case I will probably be using will be a Meshify S2 and I will probably mount the radiator up...
  3. O

    Question Should I upgrade the Wraith Spire CPU cooler?

    I currently have a 3600X attached with the stock wraith spire cooler that came with the box. I am not too interested in overclocking just yet, since none of the games I play require it, but I was wondering if it is worth it to purchase something like the Hyper 212 for $35 more? Since it's the...
  4. P

    Question anyone know a good Micro ATX Case with 170mm CPU clearance?

    i have a cpu fan cooler which is Coolmaster Masterair MA610P and plan to build a gaming rig, the dimension of the cpu fan cooler is DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) 130.9 x 112.8 x 166.5 mm , so i am asking if you guys know any cool tampered glass pc cases with a 170mm CPU Clearance? i had an earlier pc...
  5. nospecgamer

    [SOLVED] Where would I thread the USB Cable for the Wraith Prism in the ASRock B450 Pro4?

    I'm planning to get the Ryzen 2700x but I have one problem on my mind, the Wraith Prism cooler has a RGB Cable and a USB Cable. I know the differences of them and I know the USB Cable allows full control of the LED Lights, but for my motherboard (ASRock B450 Pro4) has it's USB 2.0 Port at the...
  6. S

    Question Kraken M22 Fan Controls Not Showing Up In CAM Software

    I recently bought the Kraken M22 AIO and when i go into my CAM Software i am only able to adjust the Lighting and not the Fan?? Someone Please Help Me With This! Motherboard - MSI B350M BAZOOKA
  7. imrankabir997

    Question Cooler Master H410R vs AMD Stealth stock cooler?

    As a low budget gamer, I plan on buying a Ryzen 3 1200 which comes with AMD Stealth cooler. Now, I plan on overclocking my processor as much as possible but I can't afford an expensive aftermarket cooler. So I wish to buy the Cooler Master H401R which is very cheap. Would it be a decent...
  8. F

    Question Cpu cooler doesnt state TDP.

    I am trying to get a new cpu cooler as my current ones tdp is too low. The one im looking for is the SilverStone KR02 and my cpus tdp is 88w i beleive (I7 4790K). I couldnt find the tdp wattage of the cpu cooler. Thats the only option i have rn. I need someone to find the tdp as i couldnt after...
  9. T

    Question CPU Cooler suddenly making a weird noise

    Hello people, I was playing a game on my machine a couple of days ago and noticed that the fan of my cooler started to rattle after some time. I've recorded a video of the aforementioned noise: https://streamable.com/230hx My cooler is the Cooler Master 120mm lite. Any help with this would be...
  10. N

    Question What is a good small cpu cooler?

    I have the budget of 100 euros (111 USD) (89 pounds)
  11. i-am-L

    Question Cooler Master TX3 Evo or AMD Wraith Prism?

    I will be getting a 3700X soon and I already have my TX3 Evo with 2 fans in push-pull config.. I wanted to know if this is better than Wraith Prism that comes with the CPU.
  12. Z

    Question Which Air cooler is better?

    Can you please suggest me good coolers but under £70. My cpu is i7 8700 and the graphic card will be RTX 2060. I cant decide but have three companies in mind that either Noctua, Cooler Master or Cryorig H5 or CR-H7A. Thanks.
  13. S

    Question Will corsair rgb pro ram fit under pure rock cooler

    Im currently planing to uppgrade cpu, ram and mobo for gaming. I'm planning on getting i7 9700k with 16gig ram(2x8) and a gigabyte z390 pro. But will the new ram fit under the be quiet pure rock cooler or not?
  14. SolidFib3r

    [SOLVED] Will the NZXT Kraken X52 fit in NZXT H700i ?

    Hi, I'm new to water cooling but I read the Kraken X CPU Coolers installation guide, and the process seems easy enough for me. So I have NZXT H700i, and I really like the Kraken X CPU Coolers design, So will the X52 fit the top fan part of my case ? because I saw that the X52 has 240mm fans but...
  15. tuananh13522

    Question CM MA610 P in Phanteks P350X

    So, i plan to buy these two as replacements for my stock R5 2600 cpu cooler and cm q300l case. so my question is will the MA610P fit in P350X? I have read a thread where they did install these two together and it seems that the glass panel barely fit as the MA610P touch the panel yet they claim...
  16. Robby Shorts

    Question Need help finding good cooler for a i7-9700K

    Hi all, I'm most likely going to get a 9700K pretty soon and I think I need to upgrade my current CPU cooler (hyper 212 evo) to something that cools my CPU down much better. I've heard that some really good CPU coolers out there include the Noctua NH-D15, be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 and etc. Only...
  17. Robby Shorts

    Question Final advice needed on PC upgrade

    PREVIOUS THREADS (for context): Original post: [link] Second post: [link] Hello gentlemen, Over these past few weeks I've been deciding on what parts to get, in order to upgrade my current PC (build here). At first, I was pretty dead set on upgrading my CPU to a i7-7700K, my GPU to a Asus...
  18. K

    Question Why does my CPU fan turn off randomly when playing a big game

    Hello, this is very scary. I play Minecraft, cpu fan runs good, cpu temp is all good, I go play Forza Horizon 4 and then for some reason I find out one (1) of my CPU fan turned off, and that my CPU was running at 90 degrees C . This is gonna fry my PC and I don't want this to happen! Take note ...
  19. C

    Question Which one cools the best?

    deepcool gammaxx GTE vs deepcool gammaxx 400 vs deepcool lucifer v2 vs coolermaster hyper 212? They're kinda cheap here I dont care about the noise I just want to know which one cools the best. TIA
  20. J

    [SOLVED] My CPU and CPU cooler touched Plastic Wrap will the static break them?

    I am trying to sell and i5 4460 on eBay and I put plastic wrap below the CPU so when I can take pictures of it, it won't touch the floor. I thought that the static will go away from the plastic wrap after a while because it was already all wrinkled. But it might have broken the CPU from the...