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  1. F

    Gtx 1080 Build Help

    Hello I have this rough build but I need to incorporate a keyboard and perhaps DVD blue ray drive and wireless adapter for internet I already have a mouse I want to keep it under $2000 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tNC33F
  2. Vault111

    GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme + i7 -6700K Power Requirements?

    Yo so I'm planning to upgrade my gpu very soon. Currently I have a Zotac GTX 970 running with my i7-6700k @ 4.5Ghz. I have a 750w PSU from Corsair, and I've heard that the 1080 AMP! Extreme draws about 450-500w, not sure about when OC though, but i want to OC. So is my PSU enough for both the...
  3. M

    graphic card shut off

    i made a brand new computer with a asus gaming aura 970 mobo, a nvidia 970 geforce graphics card, and it worked perfectly at first but it just now shut my display off while i was gaming so i restart and now my latency is off and my fps gets as low as 9 it hasent had any trouble until now i had...
  4. L

    My computer very suddenly started getting low framerates for no apparent reason.

    My computer which could once get 60 fps in games like The Witcher 3 and Rainbow Six Siege very suddenly started to drop frames left and right for no apparent reason. And it happens with all games no matter the settings or resolution. Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. G

    amd radeon r250

    So i would like to ask what,s the difference between these- this and this why the price is so different. 2nd one is OC but is that worth of 40$? Or is it brand why they ask higher cost.
  6. H

    Why is this happening? (SSD, HDD being removable)

    Hey guys, how is it going? I just changed my motherboard and cpu: giga z170x-ud5 i7 6700k the pc booted without issues BUT its detecting some of my storage devices as "removable". I already checked BIOS and "hot swap" is not enabled, so what can i do. I currently have ssd 120gb (where...
  7. C

    HDD SDD help.

    So I'm switching out my PC for a gaming laptop. For my budget and what I want to do I think this laptop is the best. (https://m.newegg.com/Product/index?itemnumber=N82E16834315422) All the reviews say it's a great laptop and it's the best one I could find that's not too high end. The only...
  8. AndrewJacksonZA

    Motherboard Choice: MSI B150M MORTAR vs Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H

    Hi Both these boards appear to match my needs: 4x DIMM slots 6x SATA3 ports Crossfire support (16x/4x) I'll be pairing it with an i7-6700 (non-K) and one RX 480 (for now.) The only difference is that the MSI Mortar has USB3.1 support and is $5 more expensive than the Gigabyte where I am in...
  9. E

    H100i V2 Question

    This is my first water cooling so I have a question.Is all i have to do is install the H1ooi V2 and connect it to the motherboard and boom its good to go? I dont need to do any thing else? like go into the bios and or download other things
  10. 1800Warioman

    New Nvidia Gefore Experience Update LED visualizer

    Hi, Since the new Geforce Experience update has happened I have been so confused on everything that they moved around. But after a little bit of exploring I have found everything I was looking for but one. I have two GTX 770's in Sli and in the old Geforce Experience I was very used to...
  11. 2

    Possible Dead CPU

    I have a 4790k and last night while watching a video all my fans went to max speed (gpu and all) I narrowed it down to the mobo or the CPU and I am leaning towards the CPU. I took off the heatsink and let the computer idle and the CPU didn't get hot at all which why I think it is indeed the CPU...
  12. S

    Computer stars and turns off immediately

    i have read and followed the steps in http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems my motherboard is breadborded reset the cmos removerd the graphic card and hard drive it was working fine on ubuntu until i restarted it, then it never turned on...
  13. A

    Upgraded from 850w to 1000w PSU - Tripped Circuit Breaker

    Hello, tom's Hardware friends and family! I posted this morning regarding a separate question entirely. Post #2 today, and I hope you can provide some input. Lengthy post ahead, so I ask for your patience. My 850w PSU was about 5 years old before I just upgraded to a 1000w. I put everything...
  14. K

    Dual Booting Help

    So I have 2x 1TB HDD in my computer. Looking back on my idiot self, I realize I shouldn't have done this, but I have Win 10 on one drive and Ubuntu on the other drive. I will be selling my computer soon so I need to tidy this issue up and get back to just Win 10 using both drives without Ubuntu...
  15. A

    Confused if i can run sleeping dogs definitive edition on my pc

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. I played sleeping dogs(not the definitive edition) last year and it became one of my top ten games. And now I wanted to play it again but this time the definitive edition. So I started researching if it would run on my computers. Then I was on google and I...
  16. L

    How do I install the Hitachi 5K750 notebook drive on desktop?

    I have a 750GB Hitachi 5K750 2.5 notebook drive, which I took off a ASUS Transformer Pad. It worked fine on it, but I wanted it on my desktop. I have no issues connecting the SATA signal cable to it, but the SATA power cable doesn't fit. It's called a notebook drive, so I guess it's meant for...
  17. L

    wifi probloms that cant connect to a device

    i cant connect my laptop to the wifi.the device is there but it did not show connect or limits.i already read some way to solve it but its not helping me.the one which ask me to go to setting does not work bcouse my setting not lounch.i want to fix it but i need to connect to wifi fist but i...
  18. S

    My Dell laptop donot charging with battery

    My Dell laptop donot charge with battery . So I remove battery and but charger . Any how it donot working There is no problem in battery and charger .... How to fix
  19. S

    Looking for a software designer/programmer

    I have a great idea for a pretty complex program. I would love to have it made and I believe it could be very profitable. I was wondering where I could higher a programmer that can write programs and can work very well with stuff like drivers for graphics cards and some LAN. Also who can work...
  20. Z

    Backing up to external hard drive suddenly crashes without completing

    I've been backing up files to my external hard drive but part way through the process it stops and all of the so far through and the dialogue box and the File Explorer windows suddenly close. I'm on Windows 8.1 with a Seagate hard drive. Any ideas?