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  1. M

    Could my psu damage my gpu?

    Dear community I had a radeon r9 graphics card that wasn´t working properly (in other systems too), and i therefore i sent it to where i bought it from to get it changed. It was pretty new so i don´t know why it didn´t work, but i was thinking that my psu might have damaged my gpu? My psu is a...
  2. F

    PCE N15 Control Center Utility not coming up

    Hello! So yeah, I got an ASUS PCE N15 network card on my rig and I need to bring up the Control Center but I'm not sure how. All I did so far was run the install wizard on the disk, and restarted my computer. Can't find any form of shortcut anywhere. Thanks for reading Edit: Windows 8.1 64b
  3. B

    Playing game screen goes black except for moving objects

    I am playing an older pc game and while playing the screen goes black except for anything moving. My cursor turns into a kind of eraser. Only starts when something in the frame starts to move.
  4. M

    A strange thing with a USB hub that I have

    Hello everyone, I just have bought a USB hub. And yeah, it doesn't seem to work on my PC. It's a 3.0 hub. But the strange is that on my mac (laptop) the hub seems to work just fine it's my computer that doesn't want to work with it. I have managed to make it work several times, but after...
  5. C

    Computer keeps Black screening

    My pc at random times will have one screen go black and my main monitor goes either staticy or just plain pink. This has only been happening for 2 days ive monitored my computer temp and GPU load and nothing extreme is happening when this occurs. I have tried updating graphics drivers and even...
  6. T

    I7 4470 w/ GTX 960 4GB VS I5 4460 w/ GTX 960 2GB

    Hey guys, So I decided to buy a new computer, while exploring the internet I found these two, both of them are pretty good so I couldn't choose which one, here are the specs: The first one: -Processor : Intel core i7 4770 3.4GHZ , 3.9GHZ en Turbo , 8Mb de cache, 8 threads -Graphics Card : MSI...
  7. L

    Nvidia surround broken

    When I boot my pc into Windows my display is lopsided. I am using two screens. The left screen is displaying what my right screen should be displaying. Vice versa with my right screen. Help please! Thank you
  8. T

    AMD 8350 Question

    I was wondering if the ASUS M4A78T-E motherboard would be compatible with the AMD FX 8350 processor.
  9. J

    Getting bluescreens while playing ''slightly or high demanding'' games.

    Since about 2 months ago i keep getting these bluescreens whenever i play slightly or high demanding games. I have looked for alot of fixes to solve this problem but i found not really anybody who had the same problem as me, thats why i'm making this post. Here is some information i gathered...
  10. I

    Haswell or skylake build.

    I am building a gaming pc for the first time. My budget is $1000 and i was wondering should i go with a haswell or skylake build? And why? I already own the 1tb WD blue and a corsair 750 Watt psu.
  11. P

    New Build. Do These Components Work Together?

    This is my first build. It is a gaming computer and I am not a person that knows a ton about computers. I've spent around 5 hours looking up a ton about this but I'm still uncertain. The components I have so far come to around $1250 and I would like to keep it about that even if there are...
  12. J

    what parts should i upgrade on my pc

    yo, im looking to upgrade my pc but im not sure what parts to do first (gaming a forthought). here are my specs. 4.20 ghz AMD A8-7650 r7 quad core processor 16 gigs DDR3 RAM AMD radeon R7 4095mb graphics card gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2 motherboard and 1tb of storage any help would be great thanks.
  13. sylex1

    i7-4790K with SLI 970 GTX or 980 GTX

    Hi all! I just bought my new computer rig. I bought an i7-4790K with an Asus Z97 Pro Gamer and i have 16GB 1600Mhz ram. I bought my Asus 970 GTX STRIX last year and i just do not know what to do. I think i will use the PC for gaming mostly, but i am playing in 1080P and i want to use the MAX...
  14. M

    Multiple BSOD after update on win 10

    Just carried out a win 10 update and I am getting multiple BSODs irq not less or equal ...unexpected kernel mode trap ....system thread exception not handled etc Cannot get into safe mode I did replace the keyboard with a MS version a couple of days before the update....but no joy on unplugging...
  15. E

    which is better

    i5 6500 with gtx 970 or i5 4590 with gtx 970
  16. Rileymac4

    2 Y.O. Unchanged build won't post

    I unplugged everything from my powerstrip to wipe some dust off of it, and when I plugged it all back in, my computer suddenly decided not to post. When I plugged the PSU cable back into the powerstrip that was already turned on, my PSU switch was also turned on (this might have been my error)...
  17. O

    Chucking my perfectly fine 16gb of ddr3 to buy ddr4?

    So my cpu (amd fx 8350) has recently died and i am looking to bat for the other team this time(amd -> intel) and im going to buy an i7 6700k. When i buy this CPU i need to buy a new motherboard, i have 16gb of perfectly fine ddr3 ram. I dont really want to spend the extra $200 AUD on buying ddr4...
  18. M

    Plantronics Rig Surround, or?

    Hi guys, I have money for buy a good headsets between 70 - 90€. I saw the Plantronics Rig Surround, but, is worth this headset, can i buy a better for this prize? Wich is better, real 5.1 or Virtual 5.1/7.1 at this prize? my Integrated sound card is 5.1 (G1.Sniper z97) I wish u can help me...
  19. kcarbotte

    Graphine Releases Redesigned Granite SDK 3.0

    Graphine released a new version of the Granite texture streaming middleware SDK. Version 3.0 has been redesigned to give artists complete material freedom, and its performance has been streamlined in preparation for use in VR content. Graphine Releases Redesigned Granite SDK 3.0 : Read more
  20. N

    GTX 970 length

    Wanted to ask if a Gigabyte/Asus/MSI GTX 970 would fit into This case. Would it fit in without problems or do i need a bigger case?