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  1. F

    Is It possible to make a camera lens using magnifying glasses?

    lenses are too expensive. and since I'm done with my PC rig project. is it possible too use magnifying glasses for homemade camera lens? or a telescope then make it lens? really want to have a 200 with f1.2 lens but if you buy it here in my place it will cost too much. you can even buy a black...
  2. C

    Would an fx8150 bottleneck a Gtx980

    If it does, is it really that big of a deal, do i really need to upgrade my cpu?
  3. A

    Windows Continues to Crash Without BSOD

    Hello! For about 2 weeks now, windows has consistently hung up, crashed, and then powered off/restarted without a blue screen. This seems to happen whenever I launch a game (like Dota 2) after about 30 seconds of the application being open. So far I've done a memory test, chkdisk, CPU stress...
  4. B

    Can i run Fallout 4 ?

    Specs: Intel core i7- 3820 @ 3.80GHz Nividia GTX 670 16GB RAM Can i run this on medium/high?
  5. X

    NH D15 4790K Temps seem ok?

    Hello people, just got my nh d15 and temps seem ok now, but im wondering if my temps seem ok for this cooler, p95 26.6, 1.25v, hottest core 78c on large fft, the one that said "maximum heat", does this seem like an ok temp, or shall i remount cooler and thermal paste? thanks
  6. T

    HP Stream 13' Total war series

    Hi i have the hp stream 13 notebook and i want to know if i can run shogun 2 or rome 2 total war or napoleon total war. Thanks in advance
  7. B

    Second monitor issues

    I've got a msi radeon 7950 3gb but it has only a hdmi and a dvi which are both in my benq 27 inch but i want to set up my small dell monitor for browsing and youtube but it only takes dvi so I really don't know what to do..
  8. M

    Need Help! Connecting my old 5.1 system to my television

    Ahoy Experts! I am new to this forum and off late I have been researching a lot on utilizing my old Creative 5.1 Home Theater with my LG TV. Since I am not too much into audio systems and all, I was getting confused on how to proceed with it so after researching a lot I realized that this forum...
  9. T

    What hardware upgrades should I do for my computer?

    So my computer has been great for general office/school work, but I would also like to be able to do some light gaming on it. I understand that my PC is a little outdated and I'm wondering what relatively cheap upgrades would benefit me the most. Im not a serious gamer so I dont need to go...
  10. War_of_1812

    Grand Theft Auto 5 Crashing

    So this is an odd problem, so my friend has a PC that has an 8-core AMD processor, 8gb of ram, and an MSI 960 4gb model, plenty of fans, good power supply, etc. He runs all games fine, but GTA5 on start up does this weird jittery effect and then crashes within 10 seconds of starting the game...
  11. T

    PC Build Rating

    Is this a good PC build? Is everything compatible? Please give suggestions to make it better however, I am not looking to do a build above $475. Build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GBrrgs P.S. I am new to the building a computer so please no hate <3
  12. RejectedPotato

    Windows 10 not working properly.

    The title is kind of vague, I know. Basically, I turned on my computer this morning to find ton of new issues waiting for me. Here they are: -Cannot right click items in taskbar -Cannot open start menu -Location of Documents, Pictures, etc. changed to default location [FIXED] -Chrome...
  13. H

    After attempting to install ssd, PC will not power on

    I planned on doing a clean install of windows onto my new ssd, so I unplugged my HDD and CD drive, plugged the power and sata cables into the ssd and then pressed the power button, but nothing happened, no fans or anything. So I unplugged everything to the bare minimum to boot, but still...
  14. S

    Choppy video playback with every player

    I'am experiencing choppy video playback on every player i've tried (Mpc, Vlc and windows media player) is there any way to get around this. my specs are as follows: i7 4790 gigabyte windforce gtx 970 kingston 8gb fury blue.
  15. TheJester98

    Corsair 450D Water Cooling Compatibility

    I have a 450D and an EVGA Z97 Classified EATX motherboard and was wondering if anybody could tell me if I could fit a Corsair H100I in the top or not.
  16. J

    cheap suggestions for toyota 86?

    ok so ive a got 2014 toyota 86. so any suggestions from anyone on anything that could perhaps increase the cosmetic looks or performance of the car for not a lot of money? I've already got a set of subwoofers in it. i was also looking at getting this lip kit and leaving it black on my WHITE...
  17. T

    Bottleneck between GPU and CPU

    I have an AMD A8 5600k and a GTX960 that's pretty bottlenecked. If i buy an AMD Radeon R9 280 it should be better? In games like GTA V or GTA IV.
  18. A

    1 graphics card, 1 monitor, $1000

    Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a new graphics card (currently running 2x EVGA GTX 760s) and a new monitor (I have 3 AOCs at 1080p 60Hz). I can return the cards and the monitors for a total of about $950, and I can put in an additional 250 at most, bringing the final budget to 1200 max...
  19. cdyshack14

    Help! Having a hell of a time figuring out if a MOBO I got works or not.

    I have a P8Z77-Pro /Thunderbolt that I got on ebay. I bought it because the seller was not a computer guy and was selling it because they found it "in a box". I noticed the heat sink was still on it, so I thought maybe they did not know that here was a processor on the board as well. Turns...