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  1. throwawayaccnt

    Question Troubleshoot: Water cooler leaked onto MOBO & into CPU socket, No Boot

    Hey y'all, Bit of a travesty here, noticed my friends PC was running hot (103 celcius!) so I turned it off and did a teardown, noticed the water cooler was low so refilled it a bit, secured everything and stood it upright to see water coolant raining out of the bottom. my friends PC cooler...
  2. T

    Question CPU Cooling with Peltiers in a Liquid Cooling Loop?

    I'm planning to do a liquid cooled loop with the coolant going from the CPU block to a 120 mm radiator, to some Peltiers to chill the liquid below ambient temps. I'm doing it for a school project and I dont have much funding. Tbh I have no idea what i'm doing and could really use some advice...
  3. J

    Question NZXT CAM software - Kraken X62

    Has anyone got any experience with getting this software working consistently? I have a Kraken X62 and it worked reasonably well with my last build, but since transferring it to an X570 platform with integrated RGB I've had no end of trouble. The software freezes when I'm using it, fails to...
  4. E

    Build Advice CPU Cooling

    So i’m building a new gaming rig with a i7 8700k and gtx 1080 ti but i’m not sure what CPU cooler to go for. I don’t know if i should go with an AIO or an air cooler. I’ve been looking at the Kraken x62 and x52 and the Noctua Nh-d15. I obviously like how the Krakens look but i’m afraid that...
  5. R

    Question peltier device

    i saw a video by electroboom where he tried to use peltier devices to make electricity those peltier devices can also be used to cool / heat up things so i was wondering if i would be able to use one of those device to cool down my cpu, than to throw a heathsync and a fan on it ( so just put a...
  6. andrewcaldwell9

    [SOLVED] Replacing 5 year old AIO cooler

    I have a Corsair H100i from 2014-2015. I have it left over form my last build but recently completely upgraded my whole build. I am currently using it in my new build with an i9 9900k. How long can I expect my old cooler to last? Should I just go ahead and replace it or wait until it peters out?
  7. myonlyotaku

    Question Is my Power supply big enough for 6 fans and do i need a fan controller for anything more than 3 fans including the ones on my cpu cooler?

    do i need a fan controller and a bigger psu? maybe like 750watts or 1000 to be safe when i decide to sli with another gpu? The PSU is a EVGA 550 N1, 550W, 2 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-N1-0550-L1 the Motherboard is a ASRock Z270 Killer SLI LGA 1151 Intel Z270 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] 212 EVO still the best cooler for AMD Phenom ii x4 965?

    Seen posts from previous years saying the Hyper 212 EVO is the best, is this still the case? Want to OC this old PC till end of year.
  9. judewilliams22

    Question Push Pull AIO Configs

    Im most likely getting the coolermaster H500M case and upgrade from my kraken x62 to the x72 or other 3 fan radiator as it can fit in the new case. Should i use the included 2, 200mm ARGB fans, the included x72 / other aio fans either push or pull or use both in push pull config. Also are there...
  10. N

    Question What is a good small cpu cooler?

    I have the budget of 100 euros (111 USD) (89 pounds)
  11. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I get the Hyper 212 Evo or the Black Edition?

    I am deciding between the Hyper 212 Evo and the Hyper 212 Black Edition. They are both the same price on Amazon. Is there a difference in performance/noise? Are there any other important differences? Thanks! https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-air-coolers/hyper-212-evo/ - Hyper 212...
  12. jyothish1221

    Question is it safe to use a splitter to connect more cha fans into the motherboard

    hi looking forward to build a pc im on a tight budget.In my motherboard there is only one cpu fan port and one cha fan port is it safe to use a splitter to connect three fans into the same port plz reply quickly
  13. C

    Question Ryzen 5 2600x running at High Temperatures

    I've just finished my First build, so I'm kind of learning a lot yet but I believe that my CPU is operating with too high temperatures. If i just turn on the PC and do nothing it gets around 49 to 60 Celsius (continually changing) , accordingly to Ryzen Master App. The first time I'd applied...
  14. J

    Question Does thermal paste on stock cooler becomes yellow

    So today i bought a new CPU cooler whose seal was opened by shopkeeper to show me contents of box. When i opened the box at home i saw that thermal paste on that stock cooler was little yellowish in colour and looks dirty and applied more than what should be. Manufacturing is mid 2018. Can...
  15. T

    [SOLVED] Front/Back Intake, Top Exhaust

    Hey guys, I have a 240mm AIO on my CPU with the rad in the top of the case with fans exhausting. My GPU is an EVGA Hybrid that uses a blower (rear exhaust) and also has a 120mm rad that I have exhausting out the back. I have 2x120mm front intake. Since both my rads are exhausting (higher temps)...
  16. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] Is my custom loop good enough for my new build with i9 9900k and 1080ti FTW3 ?

    I'd like to know if my cooling solution which I have my current system will be good enough for the 9900 k and my 1080ti and possibly be upgrading to 3080ti or whatever it's called when it comes out? Yes I will be overclocking? Proposed new build and will be keeping all other parts on my current...
  17. Impu7se

    Question Front radiator fan placement push or pull?

    Hey! So I ran in to this problem while i was planning my pc build. So bacically which way do I mount my fans Push or Pull? I don’t have the top Radiator placement option available because I have Cooler master ml240l rgb aio cooler and Nzxt h500 case. Nzxt h500 case inly has 1 fan placement at...
  18. L

    [SOLVED] Are my Temps Okay?

    Hi i am just wondering if my CPU and GPU temperatures are okay? idle: CPU: i5-4590: 30c 30c 26c 29c GPU: GTX 970 FTW+: 26c After 2 hours of gaming: CPU: 67c 66c 58c 68c GPU: 77c I am using a Be Quiet! Pure rock slim cpu cooler EG wider X1 Case with one 120mm exhaust fan at rear, have...
  19. G

    Fugoo Style-S vs. Style XL: Which Fugoo Speaker Is Best?

    Fugoo's Style-S and Style XL are both excellent Bluetooth speakers. Which is right for you? Fugoo Style-S vs. Style XL: Which Fugoo Speaker Is Best? : Read more
  20. D

    What GPU to upgrade to?

    I have freesync monitor. I can get a vega 56/64, 1080 or 2070. Which one?