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  1. Hellodor

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 EDC 99% idle

    My new cpu ryzen 5 2600 shows that edc is at 99% when idle i tried changing power plan from ryzen power plan to windows power balanced but nothing changed i also tried reinstalling ryzen master but it doesnt help
  2. O

    Question EDC parameter in Ryzen Master is above 100%

    Hello everybody. I have a problem (or maybe not?) with my system. EDC parameter jumps over 100% and up to ~120% with high clock speeds if I OC it from Ryzen Master on 3.9Ghz. If I OC it within the MSI Gaming App with "OC" preset it automatically raises clocks speed to 3850 Mhz and some of the...
  3. E

    Question my ryzen 5 2600 EDC is on 99%

    my ryzen 5 2600 its EDC is always on 99% does that harm my peformance or computer parts? is there something i can do about it?