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  1. A

    Question high idle/load temps (~50/~90)

    So yeah, my temps are WAY too high imho, but here's my setup and what i've done: i9-10900k Galahad 360 9 Lian Li unifans I changed the fans on the radiator with the unifans and connected all 9 fans to the lian li controller and connect said controller to the cpu-fan header and wanted to set...
  2. Epicguy12

    Question Gigabyte Aorus elite motherboard is blinking red, not booting to bios, any solutions?

    Let's get to the issue directly, my Gigabyte Aorus elite motherboard is not booting to bios and just blinking red twice per second and continues indefinitely ( I let it do so for around 5mins for not risking any damage to maybe other components). *PC specs given at the end. #Things to note...