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  1. Mitchs1

    Question CPU fans on my h100i wont work/not detected

    Ok so I am truly stumped here. My system is about 6 years old, and I have never had a single issue with fan performance until now. I am running a Asus Maximus VII Hero with i7-4790k. I noticed the other day that both of my fans on my h100i were not working and my pc was getting way too hot...
  2. maxemor_yt

    Question Replace cpu cooler fans

    I'm thinking of buying the scythe mugen 5 pcgh edition cpu air cooler and replacing the kazeflex fans with corsair ML120 rgb pwm fans. Will it work if I just plug the two fan cables into the two cpu fan headers (CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT) in the motherboard? The motherboard is the gigabyte aorus z390...
  3. jyothish1221

    Question is it safe to use a splitter to connect more cha fans into the motherboard

    hi looking forward to build a pc im on a tight budget.In my motherboard there is only one cpu fan port and one cha fan port is it safe to use a splitter to connect three fans into the same port plz reply quickly