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    [SOLVED] what air cooler is better?

    I have an i5-9600k overclocked to 4.8Ghz and my current cooler is the corsair h100i v2 . the cooler is 5 years old so i think its on the edge of it lifespan, my CPU temperature on idle is around 45 C and that's hot. so I wanna buy a new cooler and i wanna go for an air cooler this time cuz AIO...
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    Question cpu temperature jumping up and down after applying thermal paste

    Hello Everyone, I am using a laptop within Intel 6200u i5 , 8gb ram and 480gb SSD. It is 3.5 years old. Intel HD 520 gpu So i thought of putting new paste, before applying my temp was max 75 degree when playing games and from 45-55 max when using laptop. I bought a PCCOOLER GT-1 paste and...
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    Performance between Intel Pentium G3420 and Intel Core i3 4150

    I using my PC for gaming, game i play is Leauge of Legend and other game offline like BF4,Watch Dog, and other offline game with setting medium and maybe high depend on game system requiment. My Friend say is i3 4150 is just better 5-10% than the Pentium G3420 @@ is that true ? Because the...