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  1. M

    Question Do I need a extra CPU cooler?

    I have got an i5 8400 CPU and a gtx 1660 ti with 3pcs of 120mm ADD-RGB fans (CF120) pre-installed at front of the case. Do I need extra cooling systems or fans?
  2. M

    Question my pc is frames are unstable and my game is freezing in battlefield

    Im not sure if it just my pc can handle it or whats going on. Specs i5 7600 Rx 580 8gb 16gbs ddr4 ballistiks ram msi m3 b250 motherboard hdd 1tb HEELLLP!
  3. G

    Question Will this work?

    I'm planning to upgrade an Acer Veriton m4620g with a g645 by installing a rx 470 and a i5 3570. The questions are: Is the stock 300w power supply ENOUGH? Does it's power supply have a 8 pin connector, if not, what adapter should I buy?
  4. shhnubss

    [SOLVED] help me good sir

    so i recently overclocked my cpu ( ryzen 3 1200 ) from 3.1 to 3.8 and the idle temerature after overclocking are 39c and when 100% use ( i m using aida 64 ) 60-65c so are this temeratures good? should i get a better cooler then the stock cooler that comes with the ryzen3 1200? thanks for ur time <3
  5. nickkoops

    Question Upgrade to a ryzen 5 2600 (x?)

    So recently i've come across some problems with my i5 4460, it's on 100% when gaming and i would like a upgrade. So should i upgrade to the ryzen 5 2600 (maybe the x version)? or is the upgrade not worth it? My rig: I5 4460 GTX 1050 TI 12 GB ram i believe 2400 mhz or something in that range 500...