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  1. Question Alienware M15 R3 CPU underperforming, stuck at low clock speed.

    Hi, let me give you a little history first. I bought my Alienware M15 R3 about 6 months ago. A week ago, my CPU clock speed was stuck at around 4100 mhz and locked at x42 cpu multiplier speed, and wouldn't change no matter what. This increased cpu temperature drastically and made overall...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] i5 6600K 100c temp (thermal throttling) & 100% Usage. Please help.

    Hello All, My i5 6600k temp idles around 44° C to 49° C and with load (playing game-cs go, using video editing tool-filmora) it shoots to 100° C within 30 seconds. Also when I did a stress test with intel extreme tuning utility same thing 30 seconds into the test it shoots to 100°C. Also my...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] PC Restarts while gaming without any reason.

    Hello, I have been having this issue for a week or two where my PC restarts mid gaming, Sometimes it restarts as soon as I start a game, sometimes after 2-3 hours. I already tried various things such as swapping my PSU, GPU I also tried Updating my GPU Drivers, Chipset Drivers and resetting my...
  4. Baatop

    Question Pc powers on then shuts off right way.

    My other post I just made I just bought a different PSU and it didn’t work. Like I said before the EZ-DEBUG ones on only for the CPU and it doesn’t go past that. It’s does boot all the way. Just lights up and shuts down after 4 seconds. Need help
  5. In0x

    Question I just replaced my ryzen 7 2700 with a ryzen 7 3700x and now my computer won't boot

    I just replaced my CPU with a new one, and it can go into bios, but it won't boot into windows. I've already reset CMOS and nothing happened. The system works with the 2700, but when I put the 3700x in, it doesn't booting into windows. Ryzen 7 3700x (ryzen 7 2700 works fine) 4x8GB ddr4 3200...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] DDR4 RAM Clocks causing PC boot issues sometimes?

    I have a RAM kit that is specified at 3000MHz from Corsair. When I run the PC at 2800MHz the PC has no issues whatsoever with turning on, but when I set the RAM to 3000 (or greater) in the BIOS a weird issue happens; the PC wont turn on the first time and on the motherboard the symbol for CPU...
  7. S

    Question CPU temp at 100C. I need some serious help.

    I have a i7-8700 and a Kraken m22. Also a gtx1070. My case is an nzxt H700i. I literally cannot find the reason as to why my cpu temp is so high. Everthing for my cpu cooler is plugged in. All my fans are running. I don't know if this matters but my cpu cooler fan isnt showing up in my cam...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Cpu debug code light

    Hey guys!, so I had an issue where my brother got on my pc and downloaded something that ended up giving me a virus, so I tried formatting my drives but in the end just replaced them, now when I tried to reinstall windows onto the new drive, I got the screen that said press any button to boot...
  9. J

    Question CPU and RAM debug on, computer won't boot.

    Had my computer (custom built) for about 2 years with little to no issues, just finished moving and now my computer will not boot or display anything to my monitors. whenever I power it on everything turns on for about a second and then turns off( except mobo lights) and the debug lights go...
  10. Ugz

    Question i7 4790k 100% usage

    Whenever i am gaming, watching youtube videos or watching netflix i have been getting spikes on my cpu. Usually i would have about 40% usage while gaming however since the past few weeks its been rising to 80/90/100 which causes the program i am using (Gaming,Discord,Youtube,Netflix) to freeze...
  11. J

    Question Is my motherboard dead?

    Hello guys, today I tried to turn on my PC but after pressing the power on button nothing happend. I checked everything outside the PC and everything was working. Something was wrong inside the case, so I cracked it open and here the fun begins. I should also mention that I turned off the pc...