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  1. crowsaic

    Question Desktop starts to turn on, then red CPU light and turns off again. Cycles repeatedly ?

    I have a home-built PC desktop. It has been working fine for a number of years. Out of the blue when I tried to turn it on this morning, the blue fan light turns on, then after about a second, a red CPU light appears on the motherboard and it turns off again. It continues trying to turn itself...
  2. W

    Question PC randomly black-screens & CPU light turns on ?

    Hi all, I built this PC around 6-8 years ago and have been continually upgrading it through the years. Over the last few months I had an issue where a Windows update would cause my taskbar to flicker and there would be a black screen until my desktop would load a few minutes later. That issue...
  3. kandrosc

    Question New Build Shows No Display

    Hi all, I'm a first time PC builder so please go easy on me. I have finished my first build, and am not getting anything to display, and am wondering if it is even booting correctly. Additionally, my mobo has EZ debug lights, and when powering on, all lights accept cpu flash on for about half a...
  4. A

    Question Solid red CPU light until I restart?

    So I'm running into a bit of a weird issue. Whenever I cold boot my PC, the mobo displays a solid red CPU light and doesn't post (the fans are spinning and lights are on). I always fix it by hitting the restart button on my case once and it then proceeds to boot normally. It also doesn't run...
  5. R

    Question CPU Mobo light on, peripherals off

    Hi! So i'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but it seems most appropriate. I'm having an issue when I plug in the second 8gb stick of ram. It is in the correct slot, but whenever plugged in, the PC, goes into a bootloop. Thus, I assumed it was a bad stick. However, after...
  6. A

    Question Build won't POST, how to verify it's the CPU

    I have two homebuilt computers that we use in my lab that stopped working. First they occasionally blue-screened, but then got to where they wouldn’t even POST. This happened about a year apart at the same station. I later learned that there was a faulty UPS there backing up the PC power...
  7. S

    Question Should I be worried if my PC wont boot up due to CPU led light being on occasionally?

    so I have a b450 tomahawk paired with a 3700x I don't know the percentage but there is always a chance that when I try to turn on the PC the cpu light stays on and wont boot. so I cut the power then try again then the PC boots up normally. sometimes the cpu light could stay up two times in a...
  8. S

    Good Graphics Card Providers

    I've noticed people like ROG and EVGA and just plain old Nvidia.Can you recommend me one or tell me which are the best in the business? I'd love to know