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  1. E

    Question I7-8700k no longer overclocks to 5.6ghz on 1.5v.

    I have had this I7-8700k at 5.6ghz on 1.5v for about 4 months now and no bsods or anything in games or benchmarks, but now I started having bsods and freezes for no reason. Is this caused by some error with windows or something?
  2. Q

    Question my ryzen 5 2600 crashes at 3.8 ghz after a couple hours of gameplay

    my ryzen 5 2600 crashes at 3.8 ghz after a couple hours of gameplay it runs at regular voltage 1.13750 can i get like a warrenty or something since the retailer advertised a boostclock of 3.9 ghz
  3. J

    Question A Professional Overclocked my i7 3770k @ 3.5GHZ to 4.2GHZ, It is hitting 100deg celsius in rainbow in under 30 seconds

    I am a noob with PC's and i took my PC to get a look at once i bought it. The other day i noticed that when i played Rainbow Six Siege, it crashed after a minute. I went into task manager's performance tab and saw that the Speed of the CPU was at 5.02 GHZ and that the utilisation went up to...
  4. F

    Will the i5 6500t be enough for the r9 fury nitro?

    I currently have a i5 6500t and a GTX 760 and wanting to upgrade it to a r9 fury nitro, but do I need to upgrade my CPU as well if I don't want to bottleneck it, and what if I am using crossfire r9 nitros? I will be running overwatch csgo and fortnite at ultra to max/epic settings and 1080p with...
  5. jovan23stojanovic

    Is Ryzen going to work with any DDR4 ram?

    Hello, as the title says, do I need some specific brand for DDR4 ram for Ryzen (1600) or I can use my old Crucial 1x8GB DDR4 2133Mhz? I know that faster ram is better for Ryzen, but I've seen for someone that some ram memories won't let Ryzen 1600 PC to boot. So can I use any DDR4 ram to get the...
  6. T

    Good amount of RAM?

    I am a video editor that edits in 4K30 and 1080p30 with Davinci Resolve. How much DDR4 RAM would you recommend? Specs- CPU: Pentium G4560 GPU: MSI GTX 1050 2G Mobo: MSI B250M Gaming Pro Hard Drive: WD 1TB 7.2K RPM PSU: EVGA 550W
  7. V

    Cannot install drivers

    hi, i'm trying to install the network drivers for my asus 970 pro/aura motherboard but i have a problem. when i press the "asus setup" file on the cd drive it starts installing just fine, but during the copying of the files i get an error saying "cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) adapters are...