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  1. syykii

    Question i9-13900k started throttling when it was fine before ?

    PC SPECS: i9-13900k Nzxt Z73 360mm AIO RTX 4090 Asus rog strix z790-f gaming DDR5 g.skill triden z5 6400mhz cl32 Hello, I built a pc 1month ago and i had only a decent case with 6fans but with a lot of tuning and experimenting I managed to make it work increadibly well. On CineBench R23 i...
  2. angolo

    Question CPU is stuck at 100C!! Please help

    Hello, I've just recently found out that my computer has started running very slow compared to usual. In games it now runs very choppy and doesn't get many frames anymore. I go to check my cpu utilization and its at 1%, but 100C! It has thermal paste, I cleaned out all of the fans are and they...
  3. H

    Question CPU randomly started running at 100% and getting very hot upon launching games

    So here's the whole story. I was playing a game when suddenly my monitor turned off and HDMI lost connection so I did a hard shutdown after waiting 10 minutes or so with no change. After turning my PC back on after a few minutes, I attempted to relaunch a game. After a glitchy and slow launch...
  4. M

    Question i5 11600KF Overheating when doing anything that demands the CPU to work harder

    Hello. I recently built a pc [the specs are below], it's about 2 months old now. I have a problem with my CPU temperatures. It overheats, reaching degrees like 100c. For example: Whenever I play more demanding games like Star Citizen or Red Dead 2, my temps would get pretty high. Red Dead...
  5. Gaming_BrO

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 overheating

    So I recently build a ryzen 5 3600 pc with b550m aorus elite, the build went smoothly without any problems and pc turned on normally then i wanted to check my thermals for the cpu especially. I ran cinebench r23 and the temps that i saw were very surprising and worrying... At idle my cpu sat at...
  6. F

    Question Kraken X73 AIO - CPU overheating once every 1-4 weeks on boot

    I got brand new build with a Kraken X73. It runs perfectly fine with an average of 33c idle and like 55c on load when gaming or running Cinebench. But then occasionally every 1-4 weeks (3 times so far) when the PC has been turned off for more than 10hrs and the room temp is around 14-16c it will...
  7. Natedanp

    Question New build, CPU overheating with NZXT Kraken x53

    Hey. So I purchased a brand new Kraken x53 for my new build. Upon putting everything together and starting it up for the first time, everything looked great at first. I was in the bios tweaking some things before actually booting to windows when i noticed my CPU was getting hot. At this point it...
  8. LegendNaut


    Hi, My omen gaming laptop cpu (i7-9750H) temperature difference is about 30 degrees. When 1 core is 68 degrees under load, another core can reach 98. This has been happening for about a year now, I took this laptop to the HP service centre and they reaplied the thermal paste however it changed...
  9. Ouzan

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5600X has high temps on idle (90+ degrees) ?

    Hello Guys, I'm experiencing issues with my cpu temps on idle (90+ degrees). I've already tried re-applying the thermal paste . I`ve used AM4 Sockets to install the pump to the motherboard when assembling PC. Pc specs: Cpu :AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. Cooling: Corsair H115i (280mm). Graphics card: RTX...
  10. S

    Question CPU Overheats Still After Swapping CPU & Water Cooler. Any tips help.

    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read the thread, any tips/ideas help. About three weeks ago my CPU jumped from its idle temp of 50° to 96° to 100° even when not under load. Once I saw this I purchased a new AIO Cooler as I figured if the CPU’s overheating the only thing would be the...
  11. Z

    [SOLVED] I have a problem with an overheating 4790k.

    Hello everyone! I've got a new system recently and I ran into a problem with my CPU temperatures. My CPU is i7-4790k and for some reason, the temperatures are sky-high. It doesn't matter what the clock or the voltage settings in the bios are when it gets loaded it stays in the mid 80 to low 90...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Cpu over heating while gaming with 100% fans.

    I bought the new omen 15 and when I am playing games like gta v or hitman 1 the cpu temperature is going over 80c while the fans are at 100%! What to do : ( and the cpu is the 10gen so I can't undervolt.
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Cpu is above 80c while the fans are at 100%

    When I am playing GTA v the cpu temperature is going over 80c and the fans are at 100%! I am using the 2020 omen 15 with gtx 1660ti and Intel i7.
  14. Alikish

    [SOLVED] Cpu running 50 degrees at idle

    I have a Intel core i5 7500 with an acrctic cool alpine 11 pro revision 2 and in idle my CPU is running at 50 degrees and at load 70 to 80 degrees, I have one cooling fan bringing in fresh air from the front and 2 exhaust fans. What can I do to make it run cooler because I know it shouldn't be...
  15. imparanoide

    [SOLVED] why is my 3600 still hot?

    I got a new cooler today and when i look at my temps using cupidhwmoniter its gon down quite a lot(like 15c) But my temp keeps on spiking randomly and i dont know why and i dont know if it will effect my cpu's performeance or something. Maybe i did not put enough thermal paste? And yes i have...
  16. aidan9082

    [SOLVED] i5 - 8400 overheating?

    I’ve had my pc for about two years (can list specs) and never have had a problem with overheating especially my cpu, considering I have a AIO NZXT Kraken cpu cooler, recently my cpu has been heating up to degrees around 90-100 °C when playing cpu and gpu intensive games to the point where I...
  17. TehMiniSquidz

    Question My i3-4160 boots at 110+ degrees

    So my build has been fine for a while (it's really nothing amazing but does the job!). I then left it for maybe a month or two without booting as it wasn't needed and I had no time for gaming etc. I've come to it now and when I boot I get a cpu over temp error and the bios shows upwards of 110...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] This is cpu throttling or Bottleneck?

    I'm kinda facing fps drops or Like low sudden fps in games, Check Attached Overwatch Test pic View: https://imgur.com/QnZedi3
  19. S

    [SOLVED] I'm kinda facing cpu max usage

    I'm suspicious about virus because Cpu temperature run from 70 to 80,90 degrees Celsius and I'm games lags alot... I will attach some pics where View: https://imgur.com/a/BY4Inzu View: https://imgur.com/a/77KbZLU suspicious things happen in my computer
  20. bobbyt1997

    Question New PC Build - Only CPU Overheating

    Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I've recently put together a PC and have run into an overheating issue. Although the PC will be used for light gaming, I do not intend to overlock. For the past day, I've reinstalled windows and reseated the heatsink three times...
  21. ersander

    Question New Build - Fans unresponsive to change

    Recently finished my first build, noticed rather quickly my CPU overheating (only under strenuous load) and my CPU cooler not budging [Kraken x72]. Not responding to temp changes, or even if i set fans to "Fixed" and manually change them. Always remain at idle. After troubleshooting that for...
  22. S

    Question Core 2 Quad Q9650 Overheating

    Hi, Recently I have noticed that my Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.00 GHZ has started overheating and the temperature reaches above 80' Celsius. The CPU cooler is stock CPU cooler. The Specs are HP PRO 3120 SFF, LGA 775, Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.00 GHZ. 8 GB DDR3 RAM 1066 MHZ 4 sticks 2gb each. 2 HDDs...
  23. F

    Question CPU overheating from nowhere and without apparent reason.

    Greetings guys, Today I came home to all my fans going jet-engine-ape-xxxx, nothing heavy running, just the usual stuff open, so kinda weird and no clue how long they've done it for. Rebooted and was greeted with a CPU overheating error and could only enter BIOS. Turned it off and let it cool...
  24. O

    Question i7 7700k overheating

    Hey there. I Just recently noticed that my MSI afterburner showed my CPU temperature has been very high. I think the problem that I have atm has been happening for a while I just haven't noticed until now so hopefully I can fix whatever it is before causing anymore potential damage to the pc. I...
  25. Tausif87

    Question Is thermatake 730watt psu good for core i3 6100 and r7 360?

    It ran perfectly well with a h170 board with a 550w litepower but i changed the board with a z270 and the cpu is overheating. After a few minutes of start up the display signal gets lost. Please help me guys :(. Do I need to change the PSU? Or it might be the problem of bad cpu pasting ( which...
  26. D

    Question Intel core i5 3570 overheating

    CPU temperature are too hjgh on idle and load. On idle stays 45c and at load stays at 90c. I want to know if that's normal and possible solutions for the problem :/, the cpu fan are perfectly placed at the mobo, and i have 2 cooles, one on the side of the case, and one sys fan
  27. P

    Question CPU OVERHEATING, any help?

    Hi! So, recently my H100i died, god knows why, and my CPU was crazy hot. So of course i instantly went to buy a simple but good air cooler. With that, i thought it was enough....sadly, my CPU is still reaching crazy hot temperatures while gaming, to the point where my PC just freezes and crash...
  28. P

    Question CPU OVERHEATING, any help?

    Hi! So, recently my H100i died, god knows why, and my CPU was crazy hot. So of course i instantly went to buy a simple but good air cooler. With that, i thought it was enough....sadly, my CPU is still reaching crazy hot temperatures while gaming, to the point where my PC just freezes and crash...
  29. S

    Question Overheating CPU after changing to another PC case

    Hello, So today I had decided to change my PC case to another one. After I done that I started my PC and tried to benchmark the CPU and the temperature, I noticed that the temperatures rises very quickly and reaches more than 100c+ in just few seconds, and also the fans were so loud, even when...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] Wanting to upgrade CPU but is not compatible ?

    I am interested in upgrading my CPU which is currently AMD A4-7300. I was intending on getting an AMD FX 8350 however when I looked at compatible CPUs for my motherboard (GA-F2A78M-HD2) it says only AMD A series processors and AMD Athlon™ series processors. Can someone confirm the CPU I want to...
  31. D

    Everything Looks Gritty and it seems like no anti aliasing. YOUTUBE LINK in description PLZ HELP

    https://youtu.be/jsIhLRWe_PI Hey guys. Im having a really weird issue. Recently ive been messing around with my pc. Going through system32 and opening up the pc to switch out some fans. Unfortunately. Through all this work, i encountered this issue along the way. The video in the link provided...
  32. asiniv

    Seagate FreeAgent USB 2.0 Ejection problem

    Hi, I have a very specific problem which seems to only happen with my Seagate FreeAgent 500GB. More often than not when I finish my work with it - close all related tasks and try to eject it, I get the error "Problem ejecting USB mass Storage Device - Windows can't stop your 'Generic Volume'...
  33. A

    Hand Eye Coordination on two separate machines

    Hey there, I have a gaming rig and a mid-end laptop. The laptop is mostly just for uni work, but I often play video games on there with my friends at the lab. I will also be using the laptop at an upcoming LAN party... now the problem is that because I am used to the resolution/mouse...
  34. notJollyboi

    MSI Z97 G5 - B2 error

    Okay, so earlier today I built my first computer with my friends, it was relatively easy, with not much trouble building the PC at all. Once connecting the PC to my monitor and connecting all the peripherals and cables etc etc, my PC failed to boot. It started off booting windows 7 for a couple...
  35. Joder921

    Sudden No Audio Output

    I took out my new speakers to go try them out on a friends laptop, but when i plugged them back into my own, no sound would come out. Same with my ear buds, and other pair of speakers. I re-installed the realtek HD audio driver, but that did nothing. I made sure the audio wasn't muted I made...