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  1. Question 5900X very hot at idle and in-game ?

    I snapped up a 5900x earlier today and I noticed that it was getting quite quite hot just idling and doing nothing basically. I've looked on the forums and seen lots of people saying quite similar things and people concluding that it is just meant to be like that. I figured the best course...
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    Question Overheating cpu

    Here's my specs Motherboard: asus Amd rog crosshair VIII hero Cpu: ryzen 9 5900x Gpu: asus gtx 1080ti Ram: ddr4, g.skill f4-3000c15q-32gtzr, cl15-16-16-35, 1.35v, 8Gx4 total 32gb Psu: EVGA Supernova 550W G2 80plus Gold Rated Power Supply PSU Fans: DEEP COOL,3 x Fan RF120 120mm,multi-coloured RF...