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  1. M

    Question Unsure whats going on, computer unusable.

    For the past month now or so my computer in all games and out of games has had massive spikes in both CPU, and GPU processing. It kills fps in games, it kills multi-tasking, and iv had just about enough of it. So in light of this I am asking the internet to help solve the issue. This issue...
  2. Colonel_Latte

    Question CPU utilization spikes and freeze spikes

    Hi, my computer started to freeze now and then, I noticed that my CPU tends to spike and reach 100% while gaming or spikes to 60% while just regular browsing and opening docs. The screen freezes by 1 second then when back to normal and this happens every 30 seconds. fps drops while gaming, I...
  3. S

    Question CPU high idle spikes, min-40, max-60, how can I resolve this ?

    I have an Ryzen 2600 with a ASRock B450 PRO4 OC at 4ghz with 1.35v, cooling it with an close to stock cooler. I have a Thermaltake Versa H26 with 1 fan on each side, front-in, top-in, back-out, all of them at full speed, there not that loud. The story is that my cpu all the time is idle at...
  4. Marshall Hurtado

    [SOLVED] Explorer.exe causing methodical CPU spikes

    I've been trying to pin-down this issue I've been having for months and I finally think I have, yet I'm unsure how to fix it. I had thought I was having some kind of hardware fault but ruled out every single component through process of elimination with my old parts as all components are...
  5. Question CPU usage spikes, good or bad ?

    Hello everyone, I have a ryzen 7 2700x and lately i'm testing a free photogrammetry software (meshroom). I'm a bit worried about my cpu usage because it's going up and down during the calculation (instead of staying at 100%). Is it dangerous for the hardware ? I will need to use this software...
  6. L

    Question Cpu spiking despite having new glue and cpu cooler.

    Hello as the title says my cpu is spiking despite having new thermal paste and a cpu cooler on it i put it on a month ago. I recently installed A GTX 1060 in my system and now my cpu is spiking like mad when gaming(destiny 2 mainly) the core readings on my core temp jumps to like 200 degrees...
  7. D

    Expert opinion on upgrades requested.

    Hi, after some suggestions please, the following is what I currently have; Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 4.40GHz 3.40GHZ Installed RAM 8.00 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Nvidia GTX 780Ti What I'm needing suggestions on please, firstly, I'm wanting...
  8. L

    driver randomly crashes

    hi, recently built a PC for gaming and light 3d modeling and i am having all kinds of issues. my driver randomly crashes (hear the windows disconnect and connect sounds, display freezes and continues like nothing happened) and C4D randomly crashes saying there was a driver issue and to update my...
  9. H

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