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  1. D

    Question CPU temp too high.

    My 8700k temp just went too high those days with corsair h115i. Whenever I play games, the temperature will be above 90 degree easily even with 3000 RPM on pump and 1500 RPM on fans. It went about 100 degree when I watch streaming when the pump is on 2000 RPM and fans 800 RPM. The cooler...
  2. H

    Question High CPU and GPU temps

    Recently I upgraded CPU from intel i7 7700k to ryzen 9 3950x and GPU from 1080 ti to MSI Ventus 2080 ti. But the CPU idles at 50C and GPU idles at 45-50C. Is it normal for this setup? My config:- Case:- Coolermaster master box TD500L motherboard:- Asus ROG Strix x570E CPU AIO:- Coolermaster...
  3. S

    Question CPU GETTING MAD!

    My CPU (i5 9300h) (-125MV Undervolt) has started heating a lot than before! It also shows higher clock speed than before even though I never Overclocked it! It has also shown decrease in its cinebench score from 1850 (AVG.) to 1650 (AVG.) What could be the reason for this ?
  4. A

    Question CPU at very high temperature after installing new RAM

    I've had this problem for a few months now actually. I've seen others had this problem before, and I did all I could, but it never really solved it, so I hoped it would just solve itself over time. I figured it was time to ask for help. My old RAM was the Klevv Neo 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3-1866...
  5. F

    Question Terrible temps on my R73700x after m.2 upgrade.

    Today i upgraded my system with a m.2 boot drive. I unplug my old HDD and a fresh install of windows on my m.2. When I booted up my system the cpu fan was going pretty hard and would stay at 55-60C. However when opening chrome the temp blasts to around 75C, to cool down to around 55C-60C. Im up...
  6. T

    Question Cpu temp not showing

    I have a i5 7600k z270 killer ac/sli 2060 super gpu 750 power supply 16 ddr4 ram I tried speccy and NZXT CAM. The temp is showing when i go to bois at around 42c 44c idle anything i should be worry about? View: https://imgur.com/a/iAiAWik
  7. R

    Question My Dell G7 15 laptop has VERY high temps when gaming

    Hello I got this laptop about 2 or 3 months ago and haven't really used it much. Now that we are on quarantine and I've nothing else to I have started to do school work, watch movies, edit videos and game on this laptop. However what I have noticed is the temperatures are VERY high even when im...
  8. Cerapheir

    Question Cpu temperature trouble

    Hi , I am having issues with the temperature of my Cpu and I don't know if it works as it supposed to or not. So my Cpu temp go a bit like this : Idle on desktop 0 window open 35 ° c Internet Browser 47°c Multiplayer Games 55-67°c Solo (more heavier games) 60-80 ° c Now I have a water cooling...
  9. J

    Question CPU usage nearly 100%

    Hi, So my i5 9600K is running at nearly 100% when gaming with high settings at 1440p. I'm still getting about 75/80fps and the temp is around 60/65C. Is it normal for the CPU to be running at nearly 100% or is it best to lower a few other graphic settings in game or cap my frame rate at 75fps...
  10. N

    Question H80i v2 Fan & Temps

    Hey everyone, I've recently been looking into my fans because I'm finding them to be annoyingly loud and I've pinpointed that the loud fan that's causing me these issues is the single stock corsair fan that came with the H80i v2 that I have on the back of my radiator and plugged into the...
  11. A

    Question Stock Air Cooler vs. Liquid Cooler

    I've recently upgraded a few parts of my PC and was wondering if the stock air cooler that came with my new CPU is sufficient or if I should upgrade to an AIO cooler. Ryzen 5 3600 RTX 2070S
  12. bigbobsmith1968

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 Getting to 94c on metro

    Howdy, My Ryzen 5 2600 is getting to 94c on Metro on high, I use the stock cooler... I think this temp is to high but I wasn't sure. PS: I didn't overclock So my cpu temps are much to high, around 56 while idling... Any suggestions. I don't like water-cooling MSI B450 TOMAHAWK RTX 2080 FE 600w...
  13. E

    Question Far Cry 5 High CPU Usage / Temperature

    I hope this isn't a redundant post but I just started playing Far Cry 5 so this is new to me. I'm seeing high CPU usage/temperature when playing Far Cry 5. The CPU fan is spinning like crazy! It's not overheating, but it's close! I've played Red Dead Redemption 2, The Outer Worlds, Control...
  14. X

    Question Is this temperature safe for the Ryzen 5 3600?

    Okay so I just ran a system stability stress test using Aida64 for the first time, (I stressed the CPU, FPU, cache and system memory) and my CPU temp immediately shot up to like 76-78c the very instant that I clicked start. I ran it for 5 minutes straight and the temps stayed in the mid 70's but...
  15. W

    Question Corsair H115i Pro. This cant be it... can it?

    Hi! Just installed my brand new cooler from Corsair! my first ever watercooler and to be honest i have been running a 35 dollar aircooler since 2015, AND after what i justed installed, perhaps it was better. I run a i5 4690k OC at 4.3Ghz at 1.26 volt. This gives me idle temps very close to...
  16. aryaazimi72

    Question CPU temp suddenly rises on boot before getting into widows (fan is working)

    Last night my computer was running fine as always , and i shut it down. Today I woke up and my PC is having a weird issue. As soon as it turns on, It starts to suddenly reach high CPU temps which continues to rise up to 90 or 100c (It was always 35-50 even when working never saw it more than 60...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] What speeds should I set my fans at?

    So I got myself some new fans (Silent Wings 3 PWM) and I'm not really sure as to what speed/temperature combo I should set them at in the bios. I use my pc for gaming. The main reason I ask is because I was playing cs:go and my fans were at full speed even though cs isnt really a demanding game...
  18. Alphasid333

    [SOLVED] I have a 1050ti, but Its idle temps hit 60 degrees, why?

    So i have a 1050TI, in a small micro atx case with no case fans. It sits below my desk. The temperature of my room is around i'd say 30 - 24 degrees. It reaches max idle temp upto 60 degrees (Fans dont spin casue they start kicking in the mark of 60 degrees). When i am gaming the fans do start...
  19. W

    Question i7-8700k @ 3.7GHz is is overheating. Need help!

    Over the last few days I have been getting CPU Fan Error in BIOS when launching pc but temps were fine until yesterday. I have tried everything I can thing of to try and fix this. Check if needs thermal paste, check connections, make sure fans are running. But my temps are still well over 90C...
  20. Coldwave

    [SOLVED] Wierd temperatures in CPU and HD0 from SpeedFan and very high ones CPU from CoreTemp

    Hello Everyone, I am seeing strange values from the softwares named above. Here the IDLE temperatures: From SpeedFan (idle): CPU 137°Celsius (I know it cant be right, or it would shut down) HD0 138°Celsius (honestly I raise my hands from this) From CoreTemp (idle): medium T = 40-45°C From...