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  1. Mount Russmore

    Question Macbook on Linux running 65%-90%

    Hey, I have a mid 2010 MBP a1286, that I recently put a new SSD in and install Ubuntu 20.04 on. I know that MBP tend to get hot, but I felt like mine was just getting way to hot, so I checked it with the sensors command in terminal after installing the necessary files. That's besides the...
  2. B

    Question Cpu usage 90% !

    So.i.bought a new.ssd which is teamgroup ssd 256 nvme m.2 , put windows.10 on.it and all good , i installed somegames on.it , i played ans.everything good , after while on desktop , pc suddenly work slow , i opened task manager , i.noticed 90 95% cpu usage , antimalware service executable taking...