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  1. andresrdz

    Question ASUS Z170-A powers on but no boot. CPU_LED blinks once every 12 seconds

    Hello Wondering if anyone had similar fault. I've had no luck looking for this specific symptom online or in ASUS manuals. MB: Asus Z170-A CPU: Corie i5 6600k Memory: 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (32g total) GPU: GTX 1070 Background, this was a running system, it ran well for long time. Last...
  2. T

    Question First Build Issues

    ORIGINAL POST https://pcpartpicker.com/forums/topic/311121-first-build-motherboard-has-red-light-and-pc-will-not-boot: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Zxdpkd This is my first build. After I set everything up it would not boot. The CPU cooler fan spins for a few seconds then shuts off then...
  3. T

    GPU Core Clock frequency drops to 135 MHz

    Hello. After reinstalling my OS, a problem occured with nvidia GPU. My 940mx's frequency started dropping down to 135 MHz randomly while running any game. I've read other people's reports about this trouble, most of them says the reason is overheating, but mine clock rate throttles as soon as...
  4. C

    Problem with Windows 10 after drive repair.

    Yesterday when i started my computer it started repairing one of my drives (C drive which is an SSD) and when i logged on to the computer about half of my games had disappeared from my desk and the background changed back to the basic windows background. The games were still on my drive and i...
  5. S

    One display with g-sync + one without?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anybody has used a dual display setup where one has g-sync and one doesn't? I always use dual monitors, however when I play games I only use one of them. Will I be able to have 2 displays plugged into my gpu, and run g-sync with a game on one of the displays while...
  6. R

    I Would like a better graphics card for gaming. Any recommendations?

    I have quite a few games and I would now like to upgrade to a decent graphics card. I currently have an AMD A10-5800K APU with Radeon graphics and a Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-H motherboard. I would like to stay at $120 or below. It also has to be able to run with a 450 watt power supply. If someone...
  7. T

    Computer won't turn on at all.

    I shut my computer down to install a disk drive. Upon installation, I attempted to turn the computer on, but nothing happened. No Power light or anything. Do you know guys know what could be the cause because I've tried everything I can think of (resetting the CMOS and checking the power supply...
  8. M05K

    Dvi to hdmi adaptors not working in gpu to display in monitor

    Hello everyone! The title says everything. My monitor only detects my GPU if it is DVI in the two sides. GPU: R9 280 Cable: http://www.sharkoon.com/?q=en/node/964 Monitor: http://www.benq.com/product/monitor/gl2250/