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    [SOLVED] What is the fan threshold setting on Asus Fan Xpert (AI Suite 3)

    Hi, as the questions says I was wondering what happens if I increase the fan threshold in the app. I am hoping this will increase the minimum speed my fans will run at so they do not go below this RPM. Many thanks, Tom
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Does having a 3pin AIO pump connected to CPU_OPT get full voltage if the CPU_FAN is 4 pin PWM?

    Hi, I have a 4pin PWM noctua F12 as a radiator fan in the CPU_FAN header and the corsair H60 AIO (3 pin) pump in the CPU_OPT headerm my motherboard is asus z87-pro. My CPU_FAN RPM is controlled by the CPU temps detected on my motherboard (using Fan Xpert). Does the pump AIO receive full voltage...
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    [SOLVED] How can I set a minimum CPU_FAN speed on my 4pin PWM radiator fan

    Hi, I have a corsair H60 AIO with a noctua F12 (4 pin PWM) radiator fan and my MOBO is Asus Z87-Pro. The AIO is plugged into the CPU_OPT header and the Noctua F12 fan in the CPU_FAN header. When I boot my pc I get a BIOS error saying CPU fan error because on startup my CPU fan is only running...
  4. xerxesaria

    Question CPU_OPT Fan Connector - intake or exhaust?

    Hi. I have a motherboard: - Asus Rog Strix Z490-e Gaming. My case is: - be quiet 500DX The case has already 3 fans. I have purchased 2 more case fans. This motherboard has only 2 fan connections. So, for now my set up is: 2 exhaust fans via a y-splitter 2 intake fans via a y-splitter As...
  5. Djavuln

    Question Confusion regarding kraken x62 pump header and pwm extension cable for noctis 450 fan hub

    So I've been working on my first pc, I chose the noctis 450 rog case and a kraken x62 aio cooler, in the manual for the aio it says to connect the pump header into the CPU_FAN connector, however, the noctis 450 rog comes with a fan hub which has a white port dedicated for "cpu coolers", this...
  6. K

    Budget gaming PC for the next 3-4 years with the ability to upgrade

    i'm building a new pc for me self since i got tired of my gaming laptop :) the build i have which i'm going to list here asking your opinions on, is built not a be a humongous tower yet have the power to play BF4 if i wish. ASRock B85M PRO4 LGA1150 - microATX 65.90 euros Intel Core i5 4570...