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  1. R

    Question CPU upgrade vs PSU

    I upgraded my emachines CPU from original dirt to a somewhat higher capacity AMD Athlon(tm) II P360 (I'm sorry for even wasting your attention on it). Now I'm looking into upgrading the CPU to Phenom II N870 Triple-Core, which is said to be compatible according to https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/...
  2. gatgraham

    [SOLVED] Updating rig, worried about old CPU, need help

    I have recently finished a rebuild and added a new ssd. I am wondering about upgrades I can do for the rig but mostly the CPU. I've read overclocking it (i5-3570k) with proper cooling is fine, but I think it has always ran stock and with stock cooler always. (I say I think because I've had...
  3. T

    Question Struggling to figure out the correct upgrade

    Hello, I recently have been struggling to run Apex Legends on my PC. Granted I don't have any sort of build or haven't made any major upgrades yet. I'd like to improve my computers performance. I can run certain games and most programs without difficulty with the occasional delay when clicking...