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  1. Snaggler

    Question Cracked CPU? Salvageable?

    Hi, This current build has been somewhat of a nightmare. After all the parts were in, I wouldn't get any visuals upon boot, not even a BIOS. The LED on the motherboard would simply flick between CPU and DRAM. I searched for solutions online and most folks recommended checking each part...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Extremely small crack in the monitor screen

    I have no idea how the crack came to be but it is definitely a physical crack in the screen and it's about the size of a fingernail. It seems like the pixels behind it are fine, but it's fairly noticeable on bright screens. It's been exactly 30 days since I've bought it and Microcenter is...
  3. aquamasteryt

    [SOLVED] Pc cracking spunds

    Hi guys, my pc is like 5 days old and all this time its crack or somerhing, its this okey? ( View: )
  4. Samsamproducts

    [SOLVED] Glass-Deep LCD Repair

    Alright everyone - crazy plan time and I need someone to talk me out of it. I am looking at a gaming laptop for sale - Alienware 15 with a 980m, 4k touch display, all the bells and whistles of its day. Great laptop, amazing price. Only problem is the screen has a crack in it so the touch...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] does using a cracked touch screen damage it even more

    Hi, i use a Surface pro 4,, and there's one large crack that goes diagonal across the screen. The crack has been there for about 8 months, but I've still been using a surface pen on it regularly. but recently i've noticed during the black screen on startup, theres green and pink pixels...
  6. S

    MSI GTX 1070 fire

    Hi, Yesterday while playing destiny 2 my computer randomly shut off and would not reboot. I left it off power for a few min and checked connections and then attempted to start it with the side panel off and I heard, smelt, and saw a small flame shoot out from under the heat sink on the card. I...
  7. K

    Motherboard crashes when i play games

    I just got a new motherboard for hp pavilion 15 and Everytime i play games it gives bsod after like 2mins of playing the game. But if i use msi afterburner to underclock the GPU, i can play for as long as it want without bsod but at reduced performance. I have tried reinstalling windows...
  8. Drag0n_

    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo TDP?

    What the title says, whats the 212's TDP?
  9. A

    figures for over clocking

    hi guys, ive recently purchased a laptop MSI gt72 6qd dominator g sync.. it has gtx 970m. ive been playing witcher 3 and blacklist. i get FPS of 30-40 in high settings and but i wish to overclock it for some extra frames. but id want it to be safe. i love my notebook. i have done valley...
  10. D

    Can I dule or cross fire my gpu

    Hey guys I change my motherboard so can I dule or crossfire with this one
  11. L

    Push pull vs Pull Push?

    I am building a new rig. The CPU cooler is the Deepcool Captain 360. I have enough money to get either a push pull or a pull push configuration. The Captain will cool an I7 5820K oced to a hopefully stable 4.8ghz on all cores. Should I get a push pull or a pull push setup? And what fans will...
  12. Chee Hau Goh

    What really needs for gaming rigs?

    I wondering what most importantly really need when comes to gaming. What most importantly need to buy that best for gaming? All i know is a very good GPU like GTX 970 or GTX 980 for coming 2015 year. How about Motherboard and CPU? For None Overclocking and Overclocking user. Do we need Water...