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  1. firefarter34

    Question Static/Popping on games, windows sounds, discord blips and whenever I pause a video.

    Hello, I've been having this issue for at least a year now. It's incredibly hard to explain so I will go into specifics and how it's repeatable for me. Overall: 1. When there's a "long sound", like a gunshot in a video game. Specifically in Escape From Tarkov, if someone shoots in the...
  2. AxisPlayZ

    Question Computer hanging with a black screen of death with a dreaded buzzing sound

    Hello guys, I got this computer last September 2019. When I play the games since I got it, it runs fine, but last April 2020, I was experiencing the system freezing with the KSoD, then the monitor reads "NO SIGNAL". Afterwards, the computer reboots, but I see nothing. This prompted me to...
  3. Ordinaryus

    Question Crackling/static noises when PC under too much load. With example linked

    Hey guys, I have a bit of a problem. I upgraded my PC. I upgraded everything except for the PSU. The PSU is really, but really old. Whenever my Task Manager goes on to High Power Usage for multiple things happening at the same time, my Bluetooth headset the Logitech G933 starts making...
  4. L

    Question Something is interfering with my blue yeti microphone which causes it to creat a static, crackling sound

    Hello, I have this problem with my blue yeti microphone’s sound recording which creates this really annoying crackling and static noise. It’s just always there, even if I don’t talk in the mic. I’ve noticed when I press the “listen to this device” that the crackling sounds stops when shutting...
  5. Kizmat

    Question Audio Cracking/Popping in Windows 10 through all outputs

    Out of nowhere my audio started crackling when I change volumes or theres a sudden change in the sounds. Its not equipement related because when i stream my friends ear it through discord. I have tried all the possible solutions found on other posts: -changing sound drivers -reinstalling GPU...
  6. R

    Question Crackling Noise For No Reason

    So this started no more than a month ago. I didn't know about this until i was in a call and my friend said there was this loud crackling noise going through my mic. At first i put it off as my xlr cable cuz that's happened in the past. But it seemed to be constant and didn't change no matter...
  7. E

    Question How to fix crackling audio on .mp3 file?

    So i had a vhs tape and decided to convert it to an mp3 file but because the tape was old the audio was crackling even when we put it in the vhs player, is there and way i could reduce or get rid of it? here is a sample
  8. N

    Question Realtek HD Audio No Longer Working - ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0

    I've seen similar topics to this but so far have seen no real advice or people who seem to explain the problem well enough, and they get advice that I've already done. Anyways, my audio setup was working perfectly fine - I had my Razer keyboard plugged into the rear green line out audio port...
  9. S

    GPU or PSU issue?

    Hello friends, So I was having some major issues with my PC a while ago; I wasn't able to receive a signal from my GPU and was occasionally not getting my post beep. My onboard GPU was working just fine when I did get my beep so I let it work like that for a while. After some time I was told to...