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  1. P

    Question Full System Crash During Games (Power Off) / Troubleshooting Assistance Request

    Hey all. ISSUE: System is crashing to S5/Shutdown State. Power drops, displays go blank. Seems to happen primarily in two games, 7 Days to Die, and VRChat. Initially assumed it was an issue with 7 Days to Die, but after encountering the same issue with VRchat, Might be an issue with UNITY-based...
  2. S

    Question pc crash evrey day event log 6008 any solution :(

  3. C

    Question Warzone Crashing HELP

    Hello all, Recently I upgraded my CPU from a Ryzen 7 5800x to a Ryzen 9 5950x, On the same day I also upgraded my ram from 3200mhz up to 3600mhz. I loaded into warzone as normal ran a few games without issue. Later in the night I was getting "Fatal error" every single game roughly half or...
  4. YTheRolls

    Question PC Black screens and Event Viewer says it cannot access F: drive

    For the past few months (almost a year) my PC has been black screening while under load. When the screen goes black my GPU fans jump to 100% and iCUE loses its color profile. Sometimes I have to fully power cycle my PSU to get it to turn back on. After it crashes i usually check Event Viewer to...
  5. I

    Question Random event viever disk 153 error

    Lately when downloading something on my drive a disk 153 error happens and lags/bsod's my pc. there are also many other errors i see like: "iaStorE 4155", "BugCheck 1001" or "ntfs 130". It's getting really annoying as my pc has bsod'ed 4 times today and i have no idea how to fix this. Does...
  6. X

    [SOLVED] Why does my gpu crash after me dropping my phone on the table from like 3cm above and why does it crash randomly?

    I have a 1660 super and when ever I slightly drop a controller or phone on my table, it causes it to crash. Sometimes my pc crashes then automatically boots up again, other times it completely turns off and I need to push the gpu into the motherboard and manually restart the pc from the power...
  7. P

    Discussion Game freezes and crashes

    A couple of months ago my pc started being really unresponsive when playing games (slow alt-tab, bsod sometimes, random 5 sec freezes). I updated all my drivers, windows updates with no success. Only thing that helped was a clean windows installation. Since then I had to reinstall my windows 3...
  8. M

    Question PC black screen crash after load

    Hey guys, I need some help. A few days ago my new pc started crashing while playing certain games. When it crashes it crashes to a black screen with the monitor going into power saving mode and the keyboard still lit up. I have to do a hard restart, the pc won't react to the power button...
  9. P

    Question My PC crashes but fans spin up and lights stay on

    When ever i playing games my monitor decides to turn off and says HDMI no signal. My PC stays on and the fans keep running and the lights on my keyboard are on. I have to use the reboot button on my PC to get it working again. It happens with most off my games now such as Tarkov, world war z...
  10. SP4GHETT0

    Question Newly built PC, shows boot logo briefly then loses display signal.

    I can't even enter the bios setup, 'cause my display loses signal. what could be the problem? ryzen 5 2600 asrock b450 steel legend palit gtx 1650 super Teamgroup Vulcan 2x8gb 16gb 3200 kingston a400 256gb ss WD gold 2TB HDD darkflash 550w 80+ bronze Any help would be massively appreciated.
  11. xNeldin

    [SOLVED] PC turned off after screen artifacts

    Hi, I occured unusual problem with PC - during remote work screen turned full white (gray) and froze without any response. I restarted it, it worked for 2-3 minutes and blue screen occured (but not system one, screen just turned blue), PC also froze. After second restart red square pattern...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Every game crashes or ends with BSOD

    Hi. Few months ago, I decided to build my ,,dream PC. But, since than, almost every time while playing games I get a BSOD or just a game crash. It doesn't depend on which game I am playing, it could be Minecraft, Fifa, PUBG, like anything.... Sometimes crash report displays, but sometimes game...
  13. FedeDeer

    Question It crashes and reboot all by itself

    I've got quite an annoying problem. Often whenever I'm playing or working or even watching videos on youtube my pc crashes without a reason. It crashes and reboot all by itself. I don't really know if there's a software problem or an hardware problem. Maybe it's only the psu going bad, I...
  14. Blastt.

    Question computer blacks out

    when I try launching Star citizens or world of tanks NA My monitors go blank and the LED light to indicate it has lost connection with the graphics card blinks, After 10secs my pc reboots automatically and comes back to the enter password screen, I try again and same problem I even done Dell...
  15. Dmit99

    Question Internet crashes when playing minecraft

    I recently made my own minecraft server with portforwarding. When I want to join the server my server can't keep up the system and I'm getting kicked out. And then my internet stops working. Have to wait until the modem resets and then I've internet again. This happens everytime I join the...