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Crash dump files

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  1. R

    Question System GPU causing crash under heavy load in a variety of games (cyberpunk 2077)

    Have the current drivers from nvidia (460.79) yet new PC build with RTX 3070 is crashing on heavily load. Has only crashed once when playing rocket league for over 20 hours and didn't crash on Red Dead 2. However on cyberpunk and on need for speed: heat I'm getting frequent crashes. Here's what...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] How can I read a DMP (or can someone have a look for me please?)

    Hi everyone, I've got a weird problem with my music studio computer, Win 10 Pro 64, where the audio drops out after 50-100 ms but it still plays back certain elements of the project. The thing is, the problem is generating a dump file, but I can't figure out how to read it (even if, with luck...
  3. Devileyes

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 BSODS + DUMP Files

    Hello, so as the title says, i have gotten two bsods while i was away from my pc and i don't really understand the reason why. But apparently, both of them has to do with something called envirtahci.sys+16d1c . which i don't know what that means. this dump is for the bsod that happened this...
  4. F

    Messed up installing my motherboard

    So I was following the instructions on my msi SLI plus book when I noticed that I didn't have enough screws for the standoff. I thought it was strange and decided to look online. After hours of searching the net I realized that the instruction in the book told me to use the PSU screws for the...
  5. E

    Grom device won't charge my phone good enough

    Hi there, I have recently installed Grom with flash and aux(with charger) options for my volvo s80 2004 It is an excellent piece of device although it won't charge my LG G4 good enough even my screen is off, I only use soundcloud and I understand it takes some battery while using it. I plug...