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  1. B

    Question Computer randomly freezes indefinitely. Need help troubleshooting

    My computer goes through few week cycles where it will randomly freeze indefinitely many times a day, while other weeks it won't ever freeze. I'll be using my computer (gaming, internet browsing, even minimum load stuff), and the computer will freeze and make buzzing noise in my headset that...
  2. C

    air flow cc 830

    I have bought a circle cc 830 cabinet and want to know which directions do i adjust the fans for maximum cooling.
  3. InfernoxCJC

    Locking Folders To Other Users [Windows 10]

    Hello again Tom's! Hope everyone is well :-) I store all my Documents and Media on a Secondary HDD on my Home PC and am looking for a way to lock my Family members out of said folder (it contains nothing untoward I assure you) Now, if this folder was on my Windows SSD I know to go to...
  4. A

    Need help choosing components for new PC.

    I have $450 to spend on a gaming PC. Not much, right? Thankfully my best friend has offered me a bunch of stuff so I can focus on a few parts. He has given me: Mid Sized Case, Speakers, Keyboard, Monitor, HD 4890 GPU, 1TB HDD. What I originally planned on buying to finish up the build was...