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  1. F

    can i upgrade my core i5 laptop to core i7

    can i upgrade my core i5 laptop (acer E 15) to core i7 and also the ram
  2. M

    Moving windows key from one pc to another

    I am about to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard, from Amd to Intel (Finally) and I was wondering if it's possibly to use the windows key again. I bought Windows 8.1 from amazon, but can i just re use the hard drive (which is also the boot drive) or will i have to wipe it and reinstall window. Also...
  3. F

    Choosing between a few budget Z170 Motherboards

    I am choosing between the ASROCK EXTREME4 (107 pounds), the BIOSTAR RACING GT7 (124) and the MSI PRO GAMING CARBON(127). I am getting a 6600k and I plan to OC to about 4(.2) GHZ. The features I am looking for are: 2+ pciex16 lanes (not required to be electrically x16) A fair amount of usb 3 At...
  4. G

    Steam download slower than my download speed

    Hello I tried change my download region etc. but nothing worked for me. download speed: steam download speed:
  5. M

    Which mouse should I use?

    I have 3 suggestions for what mouse I'm going to use, either the Logitech g900, the Logitech g402 or the Logitech g502. So, which of these mice should I pick? I know it depends on what I like best, but I'd like to hear you guys' suggestions too, just to be completely sure. You can also...
  6. A

    New PC build won't display to monitor

    Hey guys, I am trying to build my first gaming PC and when I try connecting the PC to a monitor (via DVI) the monitor does not display anything (No signal). I tried using another monitor and still no luck. When I power on the PC all the fans spin except the GPU's fan. Thanks!
  7. Mike3k24

    Is this a good build for the RX 480?

    Hello everyone! So I'm building my PC next month and this is the build I've come up with. I will be recording editing and posting videos to YouTube. The games I will be recording are: Rocket league, CoD, Minecraft, CSGO, Left 4 dead 1 and 2, and Overwatch. Will this build be good enough to...
  8. X

    Laptop compatible LCD screens

    I have a laptop that has a broken lcd screen (Toshiba A505-S69803) I don't know which of these numbers will identify it so I'm typing them all. Will the working LCD be able to replace the broken one? (Broken LCD) 0942 LTN160AT01 6I9J14213P T02 USP6639589/USP5280371 IEC S/N: CMH100J81W5L89...
  9. J

    Computer won't start up

    I recent got a new graphics card GeForce 960 added to my 3 year old computer I have an i5 Intel and asus z87-pro mother board. When ever I was playing my game or not playing just downloading a game it would freeze up and make this robotic noise like an error occurred but then would stop and do...
  10. R

    Do I have everything I need for a gaming desktop?

    Am I missing anything and will these parts work together? Please share your opinion, this is my first build and I'm a little shaken to make sure I get things right. Case [INCLUDES FAN]: Rosewill Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case FBM-01 Processor/CPU: AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300...
  11. sid760

    wanted to oc g3258 at 4.5ghz on mah MSI Z97 Gaming 3 and CM 212x Cooler..

    hey guys i'm new on this forum and its my 1st thread here.. :-D i never OCed any cpu before.. now i've updated to G3258 + MSI z97 Gaming 3, i heard that people are getting 4.7-4.8ghz on water. as i'm using a CM 212x i wanted to hit 4.5ghz but the problem is mine g3258 is not stable at lower...
  12. 7

    Can I do physx

    Hey guys .. I'm using msi h61m-p (20) g3 motherboard after my Intel extreme series got short circuited ( I'll upgrade the mobo later ) However right now I got a gtx 560ti and is looking to upgrade it to a gtx 970. The motherboard doesn't support sli or crossfire . The specification says -...
  13. Y

    Pc is very slow

    I don't know the reason why my pc is very slow I've tried the solutions on other threads and it doesn't work fx. In CsGO i get around 60-90 fps on ultra or even on low the fps is always the same What could be the reason? Ps. I think my cpu might bottlenecking the system Specs: Mb: Msi 970...
  14. P

    Abysmal fps when my specs seem fine.

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU@ 3.40GHz 3.40GHz RAM: 8.00GB Systemtype: 64-bit operatingsystem Graphic card: NVDIA GeForce 510 Is there something im overlooking here? The reqiurements for the game im playing are lower than the specs i have here. Also by abyssmal FPS i don't mean 40...
  15. Z

    New computer's fan is really loud

    Hey, I recently bought a new computer, and the fan is absurdly loud. It doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing either, as soon as the computer starts up, with no applications open, it's crazy loud, but it doesn't seem to get any louder when I start playing games on it. The fan is just loud all...
  16. R

    Does it matter in what slot i put it in?

    Hi does it matter in what slot i put my r9 380 in my ga 990xa ud3 motherboard?
  17. N

    should i be getting this low of fps

    hello i have a masi ge70 2oe gaming laptop. When i try playing black ops 3 i have to drop everything to low and use 720p just to make it playable but when i play gta 5 i can play 1080p on med settings and get a steady 50-60fps shouldnt it be somewhat higher fps or is black ops 3 really more...
  18. T

    For anyone who has multi-monitors: Do any of you turn off your non main monitors for immersion?

    Well, i have 3 screens, and when im playing an immersive game, i turn off my other screens so no light is emitted from them so i can get the most immersive experience. Does anyone else who has multi monitors do this?
  19. C

    Windows 8 Hard drive

    So I said I'd try and fix my sisters samsung windows 8 64-bit laptop which is stuck in a boot loop and i've tried almost everything to get it out of the boot loop like making a recovery drive, taking out the hard drive and powering it on to get an f4 option, none of the f-keys work in the...
  20. Jamalgq

    Which 980 ti to upgrade to from 970 sli setup

    Well like it says. I have a 4k tv coming shortly and a chance to sell my gtx 970 for almost full retail. So my thought is to grab a 980 ti for the moment and run that for the 4k, soon afterwards ill grab a second to sli them. My question is though...which one do I get?!? There are so many...