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  1. D

    Can not access bios

    Can not access BIOS. After it says it is "Entering Setup..." if goes to a black sceen and nothing will appear, even after 10 minutes. F11 works in the idea I can pick what device I want to boot from, but I can not access the BIOS itself. I can start my OS fine with no problems. It is only BIOS I...
  2. sciamwow

    Format a hard drive?

    Hey guys, I just finished my first build (Woop woop!) and everything is running smoothly. Everything is on a new 1tb HDD that I bought. If I want to format my old 500gb HDD and install it into the new build as well, what steps do I need to take? The old PC is on Windows 7 and the new is Windows...
  3. I

    MSI B75A-G43 GAMING won't go into bios

    I recently leave my computer off for a month(I unplug the power) when I start it, it goes into blue screen said that kernel security fail. When I start my computer again it won't even go into BIOS, I already tried jumper thing but it doesn't work I also tried to disconnect the dvdwriter but it...
  4. G

    what is my true cpu speed?

    I have a pentium e5200 dual core processor. when I look at my system properties for cpu it says @2.50ghz 1.90ghz. Where is the 1.90ghz coming from? is my cpu speed 2.50 or 1.90?
  5. S

    Do I need to uninstall my old gtx 660 drivers when I put in my msi 7950?

    Hello guys just wanted to ask, I have a 660 in my dell xps8700 my 7950 is coming tomarrow and I was wandering do I need to uninstall my geforce drivers when before I take the 660 out and put in the new 7950? Thank you
  6. Y

    Tiranfall vs COD AW

    Which is better multiplayer? I will buy it to play with my friends so which has better Multiplayer content? Btw we all've high end gaming PCs!!
  7. LukaBoki

    Question about the Antec GX500

    I wanted to get this case,but I have a CM Hyper 212 EVO,and I am not sure if it will fit in the GX500. I did some research,some said yes and some said no,so I wanted to confirm,once and forever,that the CM Hyper 212 EVO will/will not fit in that case. I can also get a CM Elite 430 if that...
  8. XFA24

    GPU Safe temps

    What is the range of safe temperature for most GPUs? I'm using a Sapphire Radeon HD7770 GHz Ed by the way and im getting temperature readings of 70 when playing watch dogs on medium settings is this temp safe? thanks in advance!