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  1. A

    [SOLVED] My PC recently began crashing during titles but I can't figure out why ?

    I built my pc in July of last year, and until now everything has been running fine but for about three weeks now I have been experiencing crashing issues. While this is usually in a game this has not always been the case, because out of the game it will sometimes reboot randomly. When it...
  2. H

    Question 2060 crashing when i open games

    Hello! i recently bought a RTX 2060, previously had the GTX 970 which never crashed while playing games, i just wanted a graphic upgrade. Since i got this RTX 2060 it seems to i guess crash underload? or something. im unsure, One thing ive been seeing it keeps maxing out " 100% memeory usage"...
  3. Gekkey

    Question GPU Spikes to 100% then game crashes.

    Hello, I am playing a game called "Project Zomboid". I am playing with 3 other people and they do not crash but I do. Like the title says, my GPU will spike to 100% and the game will close itself. In comparison to my friends, they do not crash at all even though we all have the same mods...