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  1. FrustratedUser2022

    Question Uninitialized Disk - Cyclic Redundancy Error

    I have a transcend store jet external HDD which suddenly stopped working. I checked Disk Management and there it was showing as uninitialized. I clicked on initialize disk and an error pops up saying Data Error (cyclic redundancy check). I had almost 500gb important data stored on that drive and...
  2. J

    Question SPD Checksum (Bytes 00h-7Dh): 242Dh (Error)

    I'm using Thaiphoon burner to check my ram. everything seems to check out except SPD Checksum (Bytes 00h-7Dh): 242Dh (Error) SPD Checksum (Bytes 80h-FDh): A01Ch (OK) Like what does this mean, this is new RAM and i didnt save the boxes so i can't send it back. is there anything i can do...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Ext HDD problem

    HELLO, i have Toshiba 160GB ext HD , i was trying to processes video on VLC player , and it was stuck for a long time so; i did an end process and force restarted the laptop "i know it was so wrong" after that i got "cyclic redundancy check error "when connecting the drive so i did a sfc...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Referencing of Olle P's post

    Hello! Can someone PM Olle P asking for referencing on his work: The influences of water flow rate in water cooling ? I kinda used some of his points in my thesis and now im in a hard spot referencing it.. Plz help. thnks
  5. D

    Keep 7700k or get 1700x?

    Current Build: i7-7700k GTX 1080 Strix Strix Z270F MOBO 16GB Corsair 3000mhz NZXT Kraken 280mm AIO Corsair 460x Case 750W Corsair PSU ACER 27" Predator 1440p 144hz G-Sync Monitor. So I'm thinking about "Upgrading" my PC. Right now, the Micro Center by my house has a deal where you get 100$...
  6. G

    Skylake vs 4790k (CPU & iGPU vs GTX 650Ti)

    I have the opportunity to sell my current i5-3570k, DDR3-1600 & SSD to a brother-in-law who only web surfs. Doing this would allow me to build a new stock trading computer. The current computer works well for this purpose but I'm thinking building in a little headroom by moving up to an...
  7. M

    troubleshooting my pc

    Hi I've built my own PC and had it running for a good few months now. I was a way for a week and so it wasn't used, have come back to it and its playing up. Whenever I turn it on it boots to BIOS gets to the windows 8 loading screen and then goes no further. The computer is on there's just...
  8. D

    Anyone know of any cheap, sleek/simple, windowed, ATX case?

    I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible any ideas?
  9. K

    One charge's core it's always zero

    Hi. Today playing Skyrim I just realized that one of the "fourth" cores is always at 0%. I got an i3-3140 and a HD5850 so the GPU charge is always high. When I checked the charge of the cores I realized that 3 of the cores are always high but the fourth core is always at 0%, sometimes at 6%, is...