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  1. E

    Question How fast does my system create file? - Using Process Monitor Sysinternals

    Hello everyone I would like to know, from when I press “Save” in MS Paint, when has my system created the whole PNG-file the first time? Regardless of it is in the CPU or memory. I have used Process Monitor Sysinternals, to try getting a more detailed overview. I have uploaded the screen of my...
  2. Beastace124

    Question Are There any Apps That can Add a PNG Overlay to an App?

    Okay, here's what I'm asking. I just want to know if there is an application I can run that will display a png image in my screen. For example, I open the app, choose a png image, then the image is on my screen, and where there isn't an image (since its a png) it would show what there would...
  3. J

    Computer is not cooperating

    I have recently built a new computer, everything has been put in the correct place and quadruple checked to make sure it is plugged in correctly. Windows has installed correctly and everything runs fine until I try to install new drivers for my motherboard. Drivers start to install on the...
  4. J

    Graphics Card Advice

    Can anyone recommend a graphics card to fit this machine - - to be able to play GTA etc with no probs? Thanks
  5. Ransome

    PC Crashes for No Reason Randomly or Fails on Startup Black Screen Death Sound Continues

    1.Screen Goes Black. PC can be 100% idle on desktop, while using the browser or just navigating. 2. If any audio plays from a video/game - the sound will still play in the background. 3. Total freeze. Monitor shows "no signal", turns off and enters standby. 4. Only option is to hold the...
  6. R

    Gaming, Livestream, Editing, Recording build

    Can anyone link me a build for around $1500-$2000 for these things?
  7. lonrot

    Bad sectors on my drive, should I replace it?

    Hi, My main hard drive (Windows) shows some bad sectors, the number of sectors hasn't changed since I discovered them 2 months ago. I have another identical drive which is in good condition. Should I move my data to the second drive or ignore it and continue with my life? Current bad sectors:
  8. D

    Need some help choosing some monitors...

    I want three monitors for multi-monitor gaming, for the middle panel i was thinking a TN panel for the amazing refresh rates and the two at the side could be IPS so they will have lower refresh rates but better image quality especially for being at an angle of my sight TN panel ---...
  9. S

    Think I can run Assassins creed Unity?

    Debating on buying Unity because of how close I am to the minimum specs, someone please help me decide, I will play it on low if I have to lmao Cpu: Intel Core i5 3330 @3.0Ghz (3.2Ghz turbo) 8gbs of Ram Gtx 760 (2gb Vram) I have plenty of space for the game itself on my 1tb Hdd If you dont...
  10. I

    Good Chair! COOL

    What are some good and affordable gaming chair brand?