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  1. N

    Question HELP - Computer Won't Boot: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED

    Issue: right before it gets to windows on boot-up, my computer blue screens, getting the error "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" Exact details of how it occurred / what happens: about an hour after my computer was turned on one day, my screen had white horizontal lines on it. i restarted it, and the...
  2. HFC

    Question Won't boot after installing Windows 10

    I'm upgrading from Windows 10 from Windows 7 and now the computer won't boot. tl;dr: After second upgrade attempt, computer won't boot, giving first MEMORY MANAGEMENT (mfewfpk.sys) and then CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. Seems physically fine. Can I get it into any Windows without wiping everything...
  3. Harprit271

    [SOLVED] BSOD corrupting windows

    I'm getting BSOD which constantly corrupting windows 10. When I ran some program such as games and adobe Premiere pro. They worked fine for some time after that there's a BSOD saying critical process died. Funny thing about it is that BSOD left window corrupted it won't restart. After that I...
  4. Vezium

    [SOLVED] Computer BSODs with 'CRITICAL PROCESS DIED' Whenever trying to download large files.

    Hello, See my specs below :- Intel core i7-7700k ASUS Z-170A Motherboard 16GB Ballistix sport 2400Mhz RAM 2 x 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD (I think it's 850) GTX 1080-TI EVGA 1000W Platinum I'm having some issues downloading large files. Everything else runs fine on my computer, installations...
  5. 1rj2

    Question Windows 10 Critical process die - no boot.

    Hello, Im posting this thread since I just had this issue (and maybe it's still going on) and couldnt find a definitive solution yet. But this parcial solution might help somebody. I tried booting my computer one morning and the screen stayed black with the mouse on the screen, this has...
  6. V

    Question Can I recover my files from a corrupt windows and keep laptop drivers?

    Hi, I am trying to fix someone's laptop that keepscrashing. While booting it gives me the error of critikal process died. I have tried botting into safemode, sfc and other commands in cmd but nothing works. I can't go back to a restore point or backup. The laptop is a leneovo which had windows...
  7. J

    Question Can’t access windows

    So Out of the sudden my pc got a blue screen Saying “ critical process died” and since then I can’t even get into windows, when I reboot it goes to the same page until it goes to the “automatic repair page” But if I click on advanced options, I can’t do anything because when I try to reset my...
  8. Julienne829

    Question BSOD Critical Process Died Loop after recent Windows update

    So I just recently updated windows due to the "Update & Shutdown" yesterday(02/26/19). I wasn't there while my PC is in the process of updating so I came back and it was already turned off. I also got into thinking how did my PC requested an update if it wasn't connected to the internet in the...
  9. J

    Question Windows 10 Blue Screen

    Hello, My PC has been experiencing blue screens for a while now. I built this PC back in January, but the blue screens didn't occur right after. A little while later, I started getting the blue screens, but after trying a couple things, I think it was the chipset driver that fixed it. But now...
  10. B

    New Laptop 2018

    When should I buy a laptop this year if I want new releases?
  11. E

    i7 7700k - 35-40 idle, spiking up to 50-60. Normal?

    Hello all! Have a i7 7700k with a NZXT x62, with idle temps at around 35c to 40c, and spiking up to 50c to 60c for a few seconds. Is there a way to fix this? At load I am getting 60c MAX. Thanks!
  12. L

    Moving my wired-internet

    Hello i am a 13 year old boy who wants to have wired internet in my room but the router is plugged into the wall with a internet jack and i do not have one in my room, i have charter internet and i have a telephone line across the hall from me but when i asked my dad about it he said that it...
  13. J

    EVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 64bit DVI/HDMI/VGA Low Profile Graphics Card 02G-P3-3733-KR

    Is the EVGA GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 64bit DVI/HDMI/VGA Low Profile Graphics Card 02G-P3-3733-KR compatible with the A68hm e33 v2 motherboard?
  14. T

    Case Cooling on 350D

    The Corsair 350D comes with a 120mm exhaust fan in the upper back and a 140mm intake fan in the lower front. I will have a Corsair H100i exhausting to the top. The way I see it right now is i have 3 exhaust fans and 1 intake fan, which will make it a negative pressure case. I would prefer a...