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    Question Critical Process Died and Select A Proper Boot Device

    Can anyone help me with that? The first time I got the Blue Screen is when I start a game, the second time is when I'm in the game (just after the first one), the third, and forth one is when I run Error Checking to one of the drive (both are the same drive, before I run error checks on another...
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    Question HELP - Computer Won't Boot: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED

    Issue: right before it gets to windows on boot-up, my computer blue screens, getting the error "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" Exact details of how it occurred / what happens: about an hour after my computer was turned on one day, my screen had white horizontal lines on it. i restarted it, and the...
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    Question MSI b360apro overheating causing system to reboot

    Started happening after installing Starcraft 2 trilogy. Only played campaign at max graphics 1440p, vsync on, rivatuna framecapped at 144fps (monitor is 144hz). Cpu/gpu never exceeded 55 degrees during playtime. PC would suddenly reboot at random times(cutscene or cinematics or during playing)...
  4. [SOLVED] New SSD Temp going critical

    Hi I just bought a brand new ADATA SSD 120GB 650SU model. I put the SSD in and cloned my current drive to it. Afterwards I ran CrystalDiskInfo, HD Sentinal and ADATA's own SSD tool. CrystalDiskInfo - Temp: 55-57c(red), Health: Good. HD Sentinal - Temp: 56c-57c(red), Health: 100%, Performance...
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    macbook pro goes to blue screen

    I have macbook pro i changed mainboard because of some damage slots and also changed hdd to ssd now the problem is that when I turned on laptop it goes to blue screen after some time with (2x4gb) ram and works fine with 4gb ram I don't know what the problem plz help
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    Removing top panel of masterbox lite 5

    How do I remove the top panel of the masterbox lite 5 case? The screws are not hex or penta or any of the sort. Instead it is round like a stripped hex screw. Can anyone help?
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    Is MSI B450 TOMAHAWK is suitable for Ryzen 5 2600X?

    Is MSI B450 TOMAHAWK is suitable for Ryzen 5 2600X? Is the VRM in MSI B450 TOMAHAWK is suitable for Ryzen 5 2600X? . I am not a overclocker.
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    Changing CPU without changing my Motherboard

    My PC is Asus-K5130 and currently I have: Motherboard: ASUS P8H61-M/K5130/DP_MB , LGA1155/Socket H2, CPU: Intel Core i3-3240T 2.9GHz with 2 cores and 4 threads GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti Asus Expedition 4GB RAM: 8GB PSU: Only know it has 350W I want to change my CPU and wanted to know which one...
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    Good prebuilt gaming pc for a first time buyer?

    Looking for a good prebuilt gaming pc because i don't have the time nor the expirence to build one. My budget is around $500 to $700. I want to be able to run CS:GO at medium settings, as well as other games like minecraft, unturned, don't starve, etc.
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    Dual boot Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Why the heck is Win8.1 so darn slow?

    I have a Microsoft student account and can download free software from Microsoft, and am trying out a dual-boot w/ both Windows 7 and 8.1. Webpage after webpage talks about how lean Windows 8.1 is, and how it boots faster and performs better. My Windows 7 boots in about 50 seconds. My Windows...
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    Very slow (50mb/s) SSD Speed?

    Hi, I've had my Crucial M550 512GB SSD inside my Mid-2012 Macbook pro for a while now, but today I decided to do a speed test on it using Blackmagic Disk Speed Tester. I'm sure that I'm just being a noob and not understanding things properly, but the speeds of this seem very low. They are also...
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    Corsair Rm650 Fans never spinning <-- help

    sorry for my noobs question, yes I know corsair rm series fans just spin when load more than 40% but I try everything to make the fan spin, furmark, msi kombustor, 3d mark, prime94 for almost 10 hours but still the fan never spin my corsair rm650 just 2 month old and the fan never spin all the...
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    Appropriate graphic card for my system

    Hi looking to update my system with a new graphic card and i dont really know which one would work best on my system. I mostly use my computer for gaming purposes. My budget is 120-150 euros for the card itself and about 50 for the powersupply System specs: Processor: 3,00 gigahertz...