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    Question Crosshair VII/5900X RAM upgrade 64GB 300CAD, advice needed

    Hi tom's people, I recently upgraded my CPU from the 2700 to the 5900X and I thought it would be a good time to finally upgrade my RAM from the "mere" 16GB I had. The QVL from ASUS for this motherboard is way out of date (last update was in 2019 I believe), so I looked online for memory on...
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    [SOLVED] overclock 5800x in a crosshair VII hero

    someone can help me I was trying to overclock my 5800x but the system doesn't post, if someone doesn't mind guiding me thru the process I don't know about the advanced options of the bios to overclock, and I want to know what does each option do my components ROG Crosshair VII Hero ryzen 7...