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  1. apjack

    Why is the AMD FX-4350 Box/Fan Set Being Sold For Less Than the Tray That Has No Fan?

    Hi, I have a quick question which is summed up concisely in the title of this thread. The AMD FX-4350, model: FD4350FRHKBOX, which comes with a CPU fan (albeit an inferior cooler to any aftermarket heatsink/fan) and in new condition, is selling for less than the same CPU, model: FD4350FRW4KHK...
  2. S

    Is this a good PC? Is this a good gaming PC for its price? If so, why is it £200 off?
  3. E

    Can you turn off/on the dedicated GPU in a Laptop at will?

    Hi. I am fairly knowledgeble when it comes to desktops, but I have never had a gaming laptop. I was planning to buy one maybe, and I was trying to buy a more or less budget version. Anyways, since the batterylife is important in a laptop, a dedicated GPU is of course a big dissadvantage in...
  4. S

    Xbox 360 controller

    Hi Whenever I plug in the wireless adapter for my Xbox PC controller, my wireless internet slows considerably. I have tried changing the channels on the router however this has not helped. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. B

    Powering a 2500W Amp with a PSU. Any idea's on a suitable PSU?

    Ok, so, I like many am trying to power my Car Amp with a PSU. I have a Memphis Mojo 16-MCD2500 Mono Block Class D Amp. I already have my mids and tweeters hooked up to a separate receiver and they run flawlessly. My issue is, finding a PSU with enough Current to actually power my Amp without...
  6. kol12

    New system keep's waking from sleep.

    Title describe's the situation. I have changed some bios setting's but can't remember everything. Anywhere I should start looking? Board is Asus Z97-A.
  7. S

    Gaming APU/CPU Build. I Need Your Opinion Please!

    I'm with a gaming partnership for a small company. I'm good friends with people there so our small team and I are creating gaming channels. Sadly since I am only a comedian with little computer knowledge, I need help with the computer build my friend is going to help me make. This is the planned...
  8. D

    5930k, x99s Xpower ac, lpx 3000mhz OC GENIE!!

    i just recently(4days) built my new computer. specs as follows: i7 5930k MSi x99s XPOWER AC oc mobo 16gb Corsair LPX 3000 4x4 1050w evga supernova b2 2x ASUS Strix 970 4gb OC in sli with a custom cpu loop- xspc ax360 raystrom d5pump/rescombo. my problems are with OC genie/ bios settings from...
  9. GMPoisoN

    Windows 8 Ultrabook Corrupted

    Attempted (poorly) to install a distro of Linux onto a USB off the laptop to use it as a boot usb. (I believe) I ended up mistaking the 16 gb ssd (for boot) in the laptop for my 16 gb flash drive I had plugged in, so I'm fairly sure I screwed my laptop due to this bad install. It's an Asus...
  10. S

    BOOTMGR image is corrupt-I did a stupid thing

    I am running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium , and have Norton 360. Last night I set Norton to do the DISK OPTIMIZATION, then "Shut down after completion" . But then I immediately turn off my power supply! Now I have the message "BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot." I am able...
  11. H

    Corsair H110i GT CPU Cooler

    This cooler seems to blow the competition away and i really want to buy it. Although, I can't find it on amazon, does anyone know a legitimate website where I could buy it? And what are your thoughts on the h110i GT?
  12. G

    what psu should i get ?

    My system is: Asus P8z77-V Deluxe Intel Core i7 3770k 3.5GHz 2x Kingston 240gb ssd hyperX in raid 0 1x extra 1TB hdd ( forgot the details) Asus GTX 690 4GB 4 case fans Corsair H80 Hydro cooling. My old psu Corsair AX850 Pro series Gold decided to ger faulty so obviously im in dire need of a...
  13. K

    battlefield 4 fps problems 2015 patch

    Hi, I have random FPS problems when playing battlefield 4 after the new patch that came out the other day. My pc specs are. CPU - i5 4440 RAM - 16gb GPU - r9 270x
  14. realslicyr

    ASUS Z87-A CPU LED stays solid red after rebooting. Have to manually shut down and then power on computer.

    Hello. I recently built a new computer and it works fine except for one tiny annoyance. If my computer needs a restart i have to shut it down and turn it on with the power button. Rebooting the computer the normal way turns the computer off, then turns the power on but stops at the CPU. The CPU...
  15. K

    once I've created a recovery usb-how do I install on my computer?

    windows 8 desktop hardrive
  16. H

    Downsides To Using 1866mhz RAM In A 1600mhz DIMM Slot?

    Hi there So my motherboard and CPU support upto 1600mhz RAM, however some 1866mhz memory has just gone on sale (same capacity etc) the only differences are it's 1866mhz and it's red (forget response time and stuff for now) Now I know it will be limited to 1600mhz but is there any downside to...
  17. M

    Is this a good build?

    Hi, after a lot of research and help from this website, I came up with my final build for my first budget gaming pc. Now I know this isn't the best pc build and that's because my budget is low. I'm planning to play games such as h1Z1, DayZ, and CSGO on this pc and I would like to know how this...
  18. U

    having fps problems help

    wondering why im getting kinda low fps in games like bf4 cs:go and stuff like that i have a geforce gtx 780 with a amd a8-5600k apu with radeon(tm) for a CPU and 16 GB of ram so i don't know y im getting low fps
  19. U

    hp6710b not starting

    I am facing one problem with my notebook compaq 6710b. when I try to stsrt my notebook a message displays in the screen " The embedded security password has been changed but the current harddrive is not the drive that was present when automatic drive lock was enabled. changing the embedded...
  20. D

    Gaming mouse for arround 65$

    Im looking for suggestions for a gaming mouse for arround 65$ guidelines: -NOT RAZER, ive heard mostly bad things about razer and i will not be convinced otherwise. i know i havent had experience but id rather not try it out -Id like to have some thumb button, at least two and a dpi switch...