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  1. D

    Question Can I run my MSI 750 Ti to my ILO IWF2706 without a converter?

    I want to run my MSI 750 ti to my ILO IWF2706 CRT with this cable VGA to YPbPr Is this possible without a converter?
  2. kook

    [SOLVED] What are each of these sockets?

    What are the technical names of each of these 4 sockets on this old computer from like 1990? View: View: I suppose the first one is VGA for a monitor, the second is for a printer and the other two are for monitors too but what...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Active over passive adapter for my Radeon R9 280X

    I am setting up for a third monitor (old crt) and the active adapter I bough failed to work how I thought it would. I bought an active display port to dvi-d adapter and attached an dvi-d to vga at the end of. And had no luck with it. the PC was able to detect the monitor but no signal went into...
  4. L

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 Composite Gpu

    I'm looking for a gpu that is compatible with windows 7/10 that has composite output. It doesn't have to be powerful, i just need a way to connect to an old crt tv for arcade purposes, svideo is also acceptable, i understand i won't get great video out of an old crt tv, however, it is what is...