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  1. D

    Question How to force windows to display a monitor it thinks is 16:9 as 4:3

    I am currently struggling with trying to get something which is probably stupid to work, it usable at the moment but it has some horrible black bars on the ends of the screen. I am currently trying to get a CRT to work, its a 4:3 14" ALBA CRT however Windows is detecting it as a 16:9 1280p...
  2. D

    Question Can I run my MSI 750 Ti to my ILO IWF2706 without a converter?

    I want to run my MSI 750 ti to my ILO IWF2706 CRT with this cable VGA to YPbPr Is this possible without a converter?
  3. kook

    [SOLVED] What are each of these sockets?

    What are the technical names of each of these 4 sockets on this old computer from like 1990? View: View: I suppose the first one is VGA for a monitor, the second is for a printer and the other two are for monitors too but what...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Active over passive adapter for my Radeon R9 280X

    I am setting up for a third monitor (old crt) and the active adapter I bough failed to work how I thought it would. I bought an active display port to dvi-d adapter and attached an dvi-d to vga at the end of. And had no luck with it. the PC was able to detect the monitor but no signal went into...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 Composite Gpu

    I'm looking for a gpu that is compatible with windows 7/10 that has composite output. It doesn't have to be powerful, i just need a way to connect to an old crt tv for arcade purposes, svideo is also acceptable, i understand i won't get great video out of an old crt tv, however, it is what is...